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STATUS OF A ONCE GREAT NATION: Inflation, Debt, Socialism, & 1/6/2021 White House Attack (published 1/11/2021; updated 10/4/2022)

On CB Day (10/4/2022), I updated and clarified some reference links, updated the title, and improved my original grammar and style. Yes, we all need to improve how we write and speak. My written words remain “spoken” here.


On 1/10/2021, Sunday, as I had started writing, I wished that the change, from clouds to sun, had happened earlier. I need to hike! Instead, here I'd “sot” (as Dad would say) writing. Since my last article, "1/1/2021, New Year's Day Update," life, such as it was, went on. By way of further introduction, I will regale you.

Don't let that bore you, however! I'll get to the meat and potatoes, on inflation, national debt, socialism, and the 1/6/2021 attack on the White House (in historical context).

Life, Such As It Was, by Way of Further Introduction

Sunday, 1/3/2021, was cloudy and still damp. I worked on my book, “Light at the End of the Tunnel.” I may publish it, in a year or two.

On 1/6/2021, Wednesday, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had to start “hitting a lick” at work. Her Christmas break was over. That day and the next, I worked at the office. Yes, I worked at home, doing the same job, on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. It's insanity. I know. My employer has this month, to set up the five of us, to each work at office one day a week, with the other four days working at home. I will retire from my state job, otherwise.

Something else happened, on 1/6/2021. I'll get to it, below. The event was very sad. I mark 1/6/2021 as the day that the once great USA became the USSA (United Socialist States of America), if you can use the term “united” anymore, since the USA is not united. It has not been for many years.

On 1/7/2021, I received a mailing from a local nursing home. They want me to consider assisted living, at their location. The incentive was that I could get a new cold virus shot! I was underwhelmed. For fun, I called the number on the mailing. The lady understood, very clearly, that I am very healthy and that I am not in need of a “rocking chair” anytime soon. I doubt that nursing home will mail me anything else again.

On 1/8/2021, we had a “blizzard.” A dusting of snow turned to rain. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had a “snow” day.

On Saturday, 1/9/2021, I had a new cold virus “compliant” haircut, by my fine barber and friend. (His listing is on my business recommendations list.) Next, my '06 Nissan Frontier got a good hand washing. (The listing is on my recommended list.) Afterward, I bought Molly (our ol' puppy) several items, which were in stock, at the Tractor Supply. We are getting close to the former USSR and their rationing, for items in stock.

On 1/10/2021, I replaced four of the eight smoke detector batteries. I have two more to replace, before they start beeping, at 2 AM, eventually. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, being “vertically impaired,” helped as best she could.

Now, let's get to the meat and potatoes. I assume that you are still with me!

USA Inflation

A dollar ain't worth much now days, boys,” as Dad used to say. The following are the facts, with my comments added, in parentheses, in blue ink.

Via Inflation Tool, Inflation calculator - US Dollar:

-- $1 in September 1960 is equivalent to $8.75 in September 2020.

-- $10 in Sept. 1960 equals $87.51 dollars in Sept. 2020. (No wonder groceries cost so much.)

-- $5,000 in Sept. 1960 equals $43,755.05 dollars in Sept. 2020. (That's why cars cost so much.)

Via, a “reference website maintained by the Official Data Foundation:”

-- on their specific link: $1 in 1960 is worth $8.74 in 2020.

-- on their Inflation by Country link:

UK £1.00 1960 is equal to £23.46 in 2020. A cumulative devaluing of 2,246.00%.

Canada CA$1.00 1960 is equal to CA$8.81 in 2020. A cumulative devaluing of 781.23%.

Comparing UK and Canada to the USA “overall absolute change of $7.74 and total percent change of 774.36%.”

(At least, the USA is doing better than the UK and Canada.)

USA Debt

The following appears to be from so called “experts.” (I thought that an “expert” was what you did after you had eaten soup beans! It's a joke, folks!) These “experts” seem to have verified numbers.

The Balance article, of January 2021, has been updated. That article is: “U.S. National Debt by Year: How the Debt Compares to GDP, Plus Major Events That Impacted It,” by Kimberly Amadeo, updated 5/17/2022, reviewed by Robert C. Kelly, fact checked by Emily Ernsberger.

The article includes a table, excerpts from which I cite below.

End of Fiscal Year Debt (in billions, rounded) Debt

  1929                    $17                                    16%

  1960                    $286                                  54%
  1980                    $908                                  32%
  1990                    $3,233                               54%
  2010                    $13,562                             90%
  2014                    $17,824                             101%

(Note: 2014 was when the USA started spending more than it brought in.)
  2016                    $19,573                             105%
  2020                    $27,748                             129%

The following is “straight from the horse's mouth.” Fiscal Data, by the USA Department of the Treasury, on Historical Debt Outstanding shows:

-- 06/30/1960 $286,330,760,848.37 national debt. ($286 billion and change.)
-- 09/30/2020 $26,945,391,194,615.15 national debt. ($26 TRILLION and change.)

If you watch US Debt Clock, you will see current USA national debt increasing by the second.

Socialism, in the USA, is Behind Socialism, in the Former USSR

The 12/5/1936 former USSR Constitution is available at several website locations. One is at The Marxists Internet Archive: “Constitution (Fundamental law) of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics: with Ammendments and Additions adopted by the First, Second, Third, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Sessions of the Supreme Soviet of the U.S.S.R. Kremlin, Moscow, December 5, 1936.”

Bucknell University still has the 1996 Robert Beard source: “1936 CONSTITUTION OF THE USSR,” which includes links to 13 chapters.

Of course, 12/5/1936 was before the fall of the USSR, in 1991, and after the Russian Revolution, in 1917. The former USSR tried socialism. It lasted 74 years. It did not work. It will not work in the USSA (Socialist USA). Anyone with any sense knows it. Of course, the proper education in history is not a part of the USA socialist propaganda and agenda, which cannot be stopped, until about 70 or so years in the future.

On Sunday, 1/3/2021, I decided not to switch channels. I watched Mark Levin's “Life, Liberty, and Levin” on Fox News. The Independent Sentinel LLC article – “Biden-Sanders plan for America compared to 1936 Soviet constitution,” by M Dowling, 1/4/2021 – includes a link to “Life, Liberty, and Levin,” of 10/31/2020 (Halloween).

Mark Levin's 1/3/2021 repeat of his 10/31/2020 episode was interesting. Levin had historical depth, of the former Soviet Union, as it compares to the “new normal” in the USA now.

Attacks on the White House

On 1/6/2021, Wednesday, drama played out at the White House. As I have stated, I mark 1/6/2021 as the day that the once great USA became the USSA (Ununited Socialist States of America). The next two links have historical details. They are interesting.

An ABC News article – “Capitol has seen violence over 220 years, but not like this: In more than 220 years, the U.S. Capitol had seen nothing like it: a roiling mob, forcing its way past its majestic marble columns, disrupting the passage of power, desecrating the seat of the world’s greatest democracy,” by Jerry Schwartz, Associated Press, 1/6/2021, 6:54 PM – contains details, with a socialist propaganda spin.

History, A&E Television Networks LLC, has the article – “A History of Attacks at the US Capitol: Over its 200-year history, the nation’s legislative seat has withstood multiple episodes of violence.” By Becky Little. Updated 1/5/2022. Original 1/7/2021. The article places the events of 1/6/2021 into historical perspective.


What is the status of this once great nation? The USSA (Socialist USA) will fall in about 70 or so years. This once great nation is that far behind the former USSR, sadly.

As a final example of how I keep my sanity, don't forget to:

– Wear your mask (unless you are playing sports, with coaches and officials wearing theirs);
– Keep six feet apart (unless you are playing sports);
– Touch your mask, while wearing it, so you can breath;
-- Don't pick your nose (as those boogers might have the virus on them);
– Don't attend church but attend a pub or strip club until 10 PM only;
– Vote early and often, if you are a socialist;
– Don't vote, if you are a conservative, as your vote is irrelevant;

The latter is what I'm doing. Join me? Supper was in five minutes yesterday, as I concluded this article. So, I delayed publication until today. Today, 1/11/2021, the weather went from snowy to rainy. I worked at home. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman drove to and from work. She had a fairly good work day. I'm buried in work. My employer wants me to do the job of at least three people. I might just retire, to teach them a very articulate, in voice and writing, lesson – as if they would care. At 5:47 PM, on 1/11/2021, I'd better publish this!

Y'all keep turnin' right and goin' straight out there!


Unknown said...

Enjoy that supper, my employer has me doing the jobs that took three plus the one I already was swamped with. Retirement can't come soon enough, if there is such a thing. As for the USSA, it never worked and never will!Eyes to the East.

M. Fearghail said...

Fine comment, "Unknown!" "Eyes to the East" does not mean Russia! I know that you mean "keep your eyes on the eastern sky," for our Savior to return soon! We hope!