Saturday, September 25, 2021

CORONY MYOPIA PSYCHOSIS UPDATE: 9/25/2021, SATURDAY (published 9/25/2021)


I had started this article after 6 PM, on 9/23/2021. I am updating this article for publication, while listening to my Georgia Bulldogs whip the daylights out of the Vanderbilt “Commode Doors!” It's great! To my Tennessee “Vowels” readers, I regret your forthcoming sorrow, once the Florida Gators abash the “Vowels” this evening.

My “Topic Sections” (lower right side of page) indicates that 32 articles include “Corona Myopia” as a topic (or sub-topic). I have written 14 primary articles on Corona Myopia – ten in 2020 (4/19, 4/26, 5/3, 5/14, 5/15, 5/17, 5/20, 5/24, 8/16, 9/6) and four, not including this one, in 2021 (1/17, 1/18, 2/23, 8/22).

I did a Norton Safe Search by “Corona Myopia Psychosis Photographs.” I regret that I found no pretty images to enhance this brief and sarcastic article. I chose the following.


Myopia is an English transliteration from Greek, μυωπία (μύειν "to shut" + ὤψ "eye"). Literally, we all have myopia, when we sleep or shut our eyes. I remember having learned this when I studied Koine Greek, starting in 1983. The now deceased Dr. Roy Deaver well-taught Koine Greek to us “preacher boys.” I was age 23. He was then about my age now.

Norton Safe Search presented, as top result, a 9/14/2021 research article abstract, in PLOS ONE, titled, “Influence of coronavirus disease 2019 on myopic progression in children treated with low-concentration atropine.” Apparently, COVID-19 “influences“ myopia in children.

I have often stated that I would not waste my time, by writing another article on Corona (or Corony as I prefer) Myopia Psychosis. I am eating my words by writing now.

Tennessee Corony Statistics, Effective 9/25/2021, Saturday, 2:45 PM

On 9/23/2021, Thursday, while awaiting supper, I checked I don't know why I checked. I just did.

Exactly at 6 PM, the total number of 2021 Tennessee deaths was 49,493. The number keeps increasing. It will be different when you check. For example, 9/24/2021, 6:07 PM, total 2021 TN deaths was 49,679. On 9/25/2021, 11:24 AM, total 2021 TN deaths was 49,814. On 9/25/2021, 2:45 PM, total 2021 TN deaths was 49,840.

On 9/25/2021, I updated my original 9/23/2021 check, on Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Unified Command Tennessee State Government. The data, as of 9/25/2021, was from 9/22/2021 (Wednesday). That's the latest data on the website. I checked the data as it was on 1/1/2021 (“Select a Date” function). On 1/1/2021, the cumulative total of TN deaths by COVID-19 was 6,947 (as main or contributing cause). On 9/22/2021, the cumulative total of TN deaths by COVID-19 (main/contributing cause) was 14,740. 14,740 minus 6,947 means: 7,793 total 2021 TN COVID-19 deaths (1/1/21 - 9/22/21 as main or contributing cause).

7,793 total 2021 TN COVID-19 deaths (main or contributing cause, as of 9/22/2021) divided by 49,840 total 2021 TN deaths (by any cause, as of 9/25/2021, 2:45 PM) means that approximately 15.63603% of all TN 2021 deaths are by the new cold virus (as main or contributing cause). The approximation is based on the unknown, as of this publication, number of TN COVID-19 deaths from 9/23/2021 to 9/25/21 at 2:45 PM.


The Georgia Bulldogs have 62 points. The Vanderbilt “Commode Doors” have zero points. The game was winding down, as I typed this sentence.

I wonder what the percentage of 2021 Tennessee deaths (so far) are by cancer, heart disease, stroke, automobile accidents, etc. No numbers are available for those statistics. That is the myopia of the Tennessee government. That is the myopia of the USSA government. I suspect that the approximate 15% of all 2021 Tennessee deaths (so far) by COVID-19 (so far) is an inflated percentage. I will not go into the detailed proof to establish the commonly known truth that COVID-19 deaths are inflated. (Facts are available that indicate that deaths by vehicle wreck, gun shots, etc., are being counted as COVID-19 deaths – across the nation.)

Well, I still feel sorry for the Tennessee “Vowel” fans out there. It's much easier to enjoy a Saturday as a Georgia Bulldog fan!

Did I waste my time on another Corona Myopia Psychosis article? Yes, sadly, I did. I am tired of the mask-or-no-mask war, in schools, etc. I am tired of the get-the-vaccine or don't-get-the vaccine war. I am tired of being a free man – in a ONCE FREE and GREAT NATION. Aren't you?

GO DAWGS! Great win, over the “Commode Doors!” The final score was 62 to zero! I regret that the Tennessee “Vowel” fans may have to pour out their orange Kool-Aid this evening. They may as well come on over to the DAWD NATION SIDE!

I have placed Corona Myopia Psychosis in the context of college football. I fell good about that, at least.

By the way, did y'all enjoy watching the Georgia Bulldogs (#5 pre-season coaches poll) whip Clemson (#2 pre-season coaches poll), on 9/4/2021? I did! Well, I was either happy or “cussin' and fussin'” – depending on how my DAWDs were doing! Star Trek had come on at 10 PM. The football game was winding down. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman was asleep. Molly “doggy” was asleep (in her basement condominium). I tried to keep my vocal expressions to a whisper. I did, well enough – as I stood in our living room, watching Star Trek when the football game was on commercial and watching the football game when it was live action. My “bionic” joints got a lot of exercise!

Live action, with common sense, is what this once great nation needs. I doubt it will happen in my lifetime. We will see.


M. Fearghail said...

The win “marked Georgia's second biggest margin of victory ever in an SEC game, trailing only a record 75-0 win over Florida in 1942.” (

M. Fearghail said...

By the way, in the following quoted words of a good friend (JC) -- the TN Vowels (as I call them) “received their first stomping this season down in the Florida swamp last night.” The Florida Gators abashed the Vowels 38 - 14. My friend (JC) defines a stomp as a loss by 14 points and a double stomp as a loss by 28 points. JC added, “that was only 4 points shy of a double stomping.” Ain't it great to be a Georgia Bulldog fan! (I quoted from JC's 9/26/2021 e-mail. I like being on his e-mail list. I wish that JC would revise and modify his website. He has the talent but not the interest, apparently.)