Wednesday, September 01, 2021

AUGUST TO SEPTEMBER 1 2021, SUCH AS IT IS (published 9-1-2021)


I hope that y'all enjoyed my 8/29/2021 article. I did. That Eagles song still runs through my mind, heart, and soul. That Oak Ridge Boys song does too – with deeper meaning, of course.

This is a brief comment, while Mrs. Appalachian Irishman is working on supper. Some folks call Wednesday (today) “hump day.” I call it the ridgeline of the work-a-day week. The uphill climb is Monday and Tuesday. The downhill trek is Thursday and Friday!


In August, I had forgotten to write about Granny Lula Frank (Amos) Wood's passing (on (8/12/1991) or her marriage to Aby William Wood. Their marriage was on 8/26/1931. My 6/26/2021 article wrote about Granny Wood.

I wish that I had not forgotten, on the exact days. The reality of the recent events -- in this temporal spot of dust and a blink of an eye world – distracted me. I apologize.

Granny and Papaw Wood, my Mom's parents, were still the best grandparents that I could have had, growing up! Granny and Papaw Ferrell were good grandparents also, but they both left this world when I was a boy. I remember Granny and Papaw Wood, when I was a young adult.

A search by topic or by name finds several articles that I have written about both sets of my grandparents and about the proud heritage that I continue to uphold. I honor them, by living the way a man should.

8/31/2021 Corony Update

Today is the first day of fall – not 9/22/2021. I will debate any who disagree. I will win. (Okay, I'm joking, y'all! I still know that I am right!)

Yesterday, I understood that the daughter of my wife's sister has a virus. She is tending to herself. As far as I know, she didn't go to a doctor. I reckon that she will get over this common cold well enough. Today, I learned that it is not the “new cold virus.” It's the run of the mill and normal case of the snots.

Yesterday, I understood that my wife's youngest sister was exposed to someone who has the new cold virus. I spoke, by phone, with her yesterday. She feels fine. Who cares – if she was exposed to someone that has the new cold virus? That “contact tracing” is how the “Corona Myopia Psychosis” spreads!

I am doing my best to beat down the “Corona Myopia Psychosis,” y'all! I wonder if I have done so, by conversing with my sister in law and our niece. We will see.

Viewer Total Update

In August 2021, this website had 8,377 total views. All time (since 3/6/2016 first article) page views were 126,635, as of 9/1/2021, at 5:17 PM. On 8/27/2021, Friday, this website had a viewer spike of 2,191 views in that 24-hour period. In one hour, this website had 2,034 views. I can see number of views by nation. It appears that views from the nation of Israel were the main source, in that one-hour spike.

Usually, this website has about 150 to 300 views daily. I don't know who views. I had speculated that the 8/27/2021 spike was a “bot” attack. After doing further analysis of the data, it appears that the views from Israel were from valid sources, not “bot” sources. I can see generalized website sources, not exact IP addresses, of viewers.

Either way, “bot” attack or valid viewers from Israel mostly, I was surprised to see that spike! I just keep writing. Folks keep reading, from various nations.


I hear mashed taters getting ready. Let's eat supper!

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