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I hope that y'all enjoyed my 8/29/2021 article. I did. That Eagles song still runs through my mind, heart, and soul. That Oak Ridge Boys song does too – with deeper meaning, of course.

This is a brief comment, while Mrs. Appalachian Irishman is working on supper. Some folks call Wednesday (today) “hump day.” I call it the ridgeline of the work-a-day week. The uphill climb is Monday and Tuesday. The downhill trek is Thursday and Friday!


In August, I had forgotten to write about my Granny Lula Frank Amos Wood's passing (on (8/12/1991) or her marriage to Aby William Wood. Their marriage was on 8/26/1931. My 6/26/2021 article wrote about Granny Wood.

I wish that I had not forgotten, on the exact days. The reality of the recent events -- in this temporal spot of dust and a blink of an eye world – distracted me. I apologize.

Granny and Papaw Wood, my Mom's parents, were still the best grandparents that I could have had, growing up! Granny and Papaw Ferrell were good grandparents also, but they both left this world when I was a boy. I remember Granny and Papaw Wood, when I was a young adult.

You can search by topic or by name, to find the various articles that I have written about both sets of my grandparents and about the proud heritage that I continue to uphold. I honor them, by living the way a man should.

8/31/2021 Corony Update

Today is the first day of fall – not 9/22/2021. I will debate any who disagree. I will win. (Okay, I'm joking, y'all! I still know that I am right!)

Yesterday, I understood that the daughter of my wife's sister has a cold virus. She is tending herself. As far as I know, she didn't go to a doctor. I recon that she will get over a common cold virus well enough. Today, I learned that it is not the “new cold virus.” It's the run of the mill normal cold virus type.

Yesterday, I understood that my wife's youngest sister was exposed to someone who has the new cold virus. I spoke, by phone, with her yesterday. She feels fine. Who cares – if she was exposed to someone that has the new cold virus? That “contact tracing” is how the Corona Myopia Psychosis spreads!

I am doing my best to beat down the Corona Myopia Psychosis, y'all! I wonder if I will have done so, to help my sister in law and my niece. We will see.

My Viewer Total Update

In August 2021, I had 8,377 total views on my website. My all time (since my 3/6/2016 first article) page views were 126,635, as of 9/1/21 5:17 PM. On 8/27/2021, Friday, I had a viewer spike of 2,191 views in that 24-hour period. In one hour, I had 2,034 views. I can see number of views by nation. It appears that viewers from the nation of Israel were the main viewers in that one-hour spike.

Usually, I see about 150 to 300 viewers daily. I don't know who they are. I had speculated that the 8/27/2021 spike was a “bot” attack. After I did further analysis of the data, it appears that the viewers from Israel were from valid sources, not “bot” sources. I can see generalized website sources, not exact IP addresses, of viewers.

Either way, “bot” attack or valid viewers from Israel mostly, I was surprised to see that spike! I just keep writing. Folks keep reading, from various nations.


I hear mashed taters getting ready. Let's eat supper!

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