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12/5/2021, Sunday: on this cloudy and warm winter afternoon, I continue to write my four articles that I started yesterday. I hope that y'all are doing well enough out there!

This first article is on “poly-tics.” I get tired of writing these, but I must. My website (journal and commentary) needs to record the ongoing and sharp decline of the once great USA, into the USSA “Socialist Utopian nightmare.” Bear with me, please. This will not take too long.

Pause: my brother, who is next to eldest (as I am the eldest of four brothers), called. I'm glad to know that his family and he are doing well enough. Now, back to writing!


BallotPedia has a good historical summary of the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization court case. The Mississippi law protects the right of unborn children to continue to live, after the fifteenth week of pregnancy. (Unborn children, before week fifteen, do not have that right, according to the Mississippi law.) The baby-killing organization wants to kill unborn children, after the fifteenth week of pregnancy. The fight reached the “Supreme” Court. (God is the Supreme Court.)

On 12/1/2021, Wednesday, the USSA “Supreme Court” heard oral arguments, on this case. Source: Supreme Court of the United States, Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health, Docket #19-1392, Oral Argument Transcript.

I hope that the “Supreme” Court of the USSA has enough sense to obey God's Supreme Court this time! The murder of unborn children has been an ongoing and abhorrent evil in this once great nation, for far too many decades. Yes, I understand and agree to the moral justification of taking the unborn child's life, to save the biological life of the mother. Those instances are rare and not common.


What border? The USSA has no southern border! The first President of the USSA, Joe Biden -- or those who pull his puppet strings, as he rarely seems to make much sense when he speaks – wants to offer incentive to “come on in, to the USSA.” The illegal aliens -- who, in 2018, crossed the border illegally and were separated from illegal alien family members -- may each receive $450,000 in Monopoly money from the USSA. Apparently, the 2018 policy of the last President of the USA had violated the “rights” of the illegal aliens.

The ongoing caravans of illegal aliens that continue to cross the USSA southern “border” are encouraged! Maybe these newer illegal aliens will each get $450,000 for their illegal crossings! We will see. They are motivated.


Well, a dollar ain't worth much these days. Twenty dollars ain't worth much these days. One hundred dollars may be worth a little.

Please search my previous website articles. I don't want to take the time to link them here. Y'all know the inflation situation. The USSA Socialists want to spend more Monopoly money to spend the USSA out of inflation. That will work, when pigs fly backward, south for the winter.

Social Security “Trust Fund”

The Social Security “Trust Fund” is almost broke. Are you retired? Do you hope to retire in a few years? I hope that you have other funds established! Do not count on Social Security. It has been a Ponzi scheme.

From the November 10, 2021, Social Security Administration (SSA), Agency Financial Report, Fiscal Year 2021 (170-page PDF document), I take the following information.

Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Trust Fund (OASI) is SSA. Federal Disability Insurance Trust Fund (DI) is SSI. OASI and DI Trust Funds Combined (OASDI) are SSA and SSI combined. Hospital Insurance Trust Fund (HI) is Medicare Part A.

From, I have the following:


                                                                                  OASI   DI  OASDI  HI

First year cost exceeds income excluding interesta  2010 2040 2010  2008

First year cost exceeds total incomea                       2021 2045 2021  2023

Year trust funds are depleted                                    2033 2057 2034  2026

a Dates indicate the first year a condition is projected to occur and to persist annually thereafter through 2095.

If I do not die or the world come to an end, before 2033, I will be age 73, in 2033. My SSA monthly retirement income may last from about age 65 or 67 (depending on when I SSA retire) to age 73. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I continue to prepare, to not have SSA income, but to rely on other income sources.

The Ponzi scheme is starting to run dry, y'all. Are you prepared? We are trying to be prepared.


My head spins! The media, almost daily, have new stories of the various types of violence in the USSA. The moral fiber of this once great nation was much stronger, when I was growing up. It is not now. The following are three source examples. Well, the last one is my humor!

School Shootings

Education Week has a good article, "School Shootings This Year: How Many and Where,” updated December 1, 2021. My grade school and high school years had fights. I was in a few. We did not have shootings.

The article lists 29 school shootings, in 2021, so far. Children, ages 13 to 17, were the shooters in 15 of the 29. The other shooters were adults (age 18 or older). Two of the shootings were in Tennessee. One (4/12/2021) was in Knoxville, Tennessee.


The Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED) website has a Dashboard. I used it, to find:

1/1/2020 to 12/31/2020 “riots:” 826 events. 19 died. (I do not think that law enforcement offices are included in the total.)

1/1/2021 to 11/26/2021 “riots:” 198 events. Six died. (Again, I doubt law enforcement officer deaths are included.)

The media on an almost daily basis report another “riot” or so. The politically correct do not like the words “riot” or “loot.” They prefer “smash and grab,” apparently. It is the same violence. The first President of the USSA and his spokeswoman blame the violence on the new cold virus. (The media information is available, if you haven't heard or read it.)

The child steals a candy bar. The father blames it on his “bad” teacher at school. It's the fault of the new cold virus! No! It is the fault of the morality, or lack thereof, of the rioters and looters.

Parents “Domestic Terrorists” at School Board Meetings

As the media tell it, the first President of the USSA (Joe Biden) has a Department of Justice. That department published a memo that called parents at school board meetings “domestic terrorists.”

Parents, who try to stop the Socialist propaganda education of their children, are “domestic terrorists.” Well, I hope that those parents wear that badge with honor and that they continue to stand for their rights.


Once again, I see that the writing of this article has taken too long. The time is 5:40 PM, on Sunday, 12/5/2021. I have three other articles to finish. I will publish this one today, at least. The other three will wait.

Yesterday, I spoke with two men – one in person and the other by phone. The conversations were separated by an hour or two. The conversations were almost exactly the same. The three of us men are about the same age, give or take a few years. Our conclusion was in harmony. Either this once great nation needs to return to biblically-based morality or the Good Lord needs to return soon! Come soon, Lord, come soon! The nation is too far gone to return to proper moral and biblical values. Well, it could return. I can always live in hope, despite my doubts. The USSA needs a moral awakening, not “wokeness,” whatever that is.


Anonymous said...

Hello. This post showed when I did a search on Social Security trust fund. I don't want to give my name, but I agree completely. I could have been the third man in your conversations! The country needs to get right with God.

M. Fearghail said...

Thank you, Mr. Anonymous, for your comment. I'm glad that this 12/5/2021 article still bounces around on “the cloud,” as folks call it. You are welcome to stop by and comment again! May God bless you in His service!