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FROM “POLY-TICS” DARKNESS TO HANUKKAH LIGHTS (published 11-28-2021, Sunday)


The gatherings on Thanksgiving, 11/25/2021, with the Fearghail clan and the Beckner-Gordon clan, were enjoyable. The food, conversation, and togetherness were excellent.

I have had “poly-tics” nausea, for a week or so. I need to get the nausea out of my system. The nausea illustrates the deeper point – the continuing moral and spiritual demise, of this once great nation. Restoration is possible. I wonder if restoration will become reality, in my lifetime. I remember the restoration of this nation, in the 1980s.

USSA First President: Health

The USSA started on 1/6/2021, as my 1/11/2021 article affirmed. Joe Biden is the first President of the USSA (1/20/2021 inauguration), as my 1/24/2021 article affirmed. He attained age 79, on 11/20/2021. Joe Biden is the oldest President, in USA or USSA history. (Source: Kelly, Martin. "Who Was the Oldest President of the United States?" ThoughtCo, Aug. 10, 2021,

Age, of course, is not relevant – if one, who has a few decades on him, is physically and mentally sharp. I have known a few folks, in their 80s, who still worked and who were mentally sharp and physically stout. (My articles search, by “Gwyn Calfee,” finds one fine example.)

On 11/19/2021, President Joe Biden had his annual physical examination. His doctor pronounced him to be physically fit to perform his duties. He has relatively minor physical health problems. (Source:

President Joe Biden did not undergo a cognitive examination. My age 99 aunt-in-law, whom I saw on Thanksgiving, is still mentally sharp, despite her physical problems. President Biden is in cognitive decline, as is common knowledge, in the media. The majority do not think that he is mentally fit for his office. (Source: 11/17/2021 Politico article, by Marc Caputo.) In this case, the majority is right.

USSA First President: Oil Dependence cites the “Remarks by President Biden on the Economy and Lowering Prices for the American People,” on November 23, 2021. This article, today, will not include my “fact check” of his plethora of remarks, on various topics. I have done so. Those, who pull his puppet strings, know how to spin webs of half truths into his mouth.

As President Biden stated in his own remarks, he has authorized the historically largest release of oil, from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, to lower the high cost of gasoline.

In the year 2020 (the final year of the 45th and final President of the USA):

The U.S. Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) February 2021 Short-Term Energy Outlook (STEO) estimates that 2020 marked the first year that the United States exported more petroleum than it imported on an annual basis. However, largely because of declines in domestic crude oil production and corresponding increases in crude oil imports, EIA expects the United States to return to being a net petroleum importer on an annual basis in both 2021 and 2022. (Quote from World Oil, “U.S. will import 62% more crude by 2022 due to domestic production declines, says EIA,” by Stacy MacIntyre & Matt French, 2/17/2021.)

Six Days that Define the Demise

I keep up with the news, sadly. Four examples in six days (11/19/2021 to 11/24/2021) encapsulate the demise of this once great nation. The demise is moral and spiritual, as the four examples indicate.

On 11/19/2021, Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty, correctly, of murder and other accusations, in the Kenosha, Wisconsin, trial. The police should have been present and not “de-funded.” The looting and rioting should not have happened. Kyle Rittenhouse could have stood to “defend his fort” only – not the “forts” of others. This was one example.

On 11/21/2021, Darrell E. Brooks Jr. (the accused) drove his vehicle into the crowd, at the Waukesha, Wisconsin, Christmas parade. Six are dead, including one child. Over sixty people were injured. Darrell Brooks Jr. faces multiple murder charges. This is an obvious example.

On 11/23/2021, Kevin Strickland – who was found guilty, wrongfully, of triple murder -- was set free, after over 40 years of wrongful imprisonment, in Missouri. Kevin Strickland should not have had to endure over 40 years, to be vindicated. It's another example.

On 11/24/2021, three men were found guilty, correctly, of murdering Ahmaud Arbery, in Brunswick, Georgia. This is the fourth and very sad example.

From 11/19/2021 to 11/25/2021, I kept wondering what the next courtroom example of the demise would be. The pattern of recent examples appears to have stopped, for a while.

The Ad Nauseam

The Socialist Utopians, who are the puppeteers behind the first President of the USSA, continue to advance their agenda. I am sickened by it. The results are inflation, “supply chain” problems, the printing and spending of Monopoly money, divisions by skin color (not by character content), and ad nauseam.

I am tired of Socialist Utopian nausea! President Biden, please stop your puppeteers from using you, as the “useful idiot” (citing Lenin), to “remake” this once great nation into a Socialist nightmare. Wake up, before it's too late!

At 5:32 PM, this dark and nauseous “poly-tics” article is draining me. The nausea basket is getting too full. It is getting dark. This once great nation is in darkness. As twilight approaches, let's end, by focusing on the Festival of Lights!

Conclusion into The Festival of Lights

I learned about the eight-day festival of Hanukkah, while attending Freed-Hardeman College (University now), from the fall of 1984 to the fall of 1985 (graduation). “Hanukkah 101,” on the website “My Jewish Learning,” is a good article. In 164 BC, the Jewish temple was restored as a place of worship – after having been desecrated into a pagan shrine. Hanukkah is also called “The Festival of Lights.” Hanukkah began at sundown – a few minutes ago.

The Light became the Messiah, who lived, died, and was resurrected – for the everlasting salvation, of those who have continued to believe in Him! We need more Light in this world and in this once great nation. The Festival of Lights celebrates the restoration of the Jewish temple. People, in this nation and around the globe, need to be restored by the Light. Freewill is the determining factor. I urge everyone to make the right decision, freely. Darkness will become Light!

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