Saturday, March 26, 2022

FREE STUFF - The Rogersville Review 2-9-2022 Opinion by Ralph Petersen (published 3-26-2022; updated 3-27-2022; article #311)


Well, I hope that y'all endured another work week well enough. On 3/26/2022, at 4:30 PM, as I begin to write, the high pressure system provides crisp, blue sky. The wind, however, is trying to move the foundation of our house!

Mrs. Appalachian Irishman is watching, very concernedly, the Tennessee Lady Vols “Sweet 16” basketball game, against the Louisville someones. As a “Lady Vols widower,” I begin to write. By the way, several years ago, my wife and her father attended almost every Lady Vols home game – even on a work day. I started calling myself a “Lady Vols widower,” back then.

My father-in-law attained age “8.3,” on Thursday, 3/24/2022. My wife saw him. I called him, after having worked at the office that day.

Free Stuff (2/9/2022, by Ralph Petersen)

We get my hometown newspaper, The Rogersville Review, by paper deliver and by “Interweb” access. We pay for it. It's worth the cost.

I have had this article in rough draft, since 2/9/2022. I might as well finish and publish it – while I wait to see if the Lady Vols win or lose. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman's moans or hollers will give me updates, as I write.

You must have a paid subscription, to see The Rogersville Review, Wednesday, 2/9/2022, Midweek Edition, page 4A, Opinion column, “Always Right, Sometimes Wrong: Free Stuff,” by Ralph Petersen. In that article, Ralph Petersen wrote, “When their personal suckling places, at the government sow’s teats, are in danger of drying up, they will usually vote to keep their milk flowing.” He added, “this country is in danger of economic collapse.” I like Ralph Petersen's writing style! It reminds me of mine! I am sure that he speaks as he writes, as I do.

By the way, the Rogersville Main Street website mentions many fine businesses, in my home town. Ralph Petersen's Olde Towne Emporium (open Wednesday - Saturday, 11 AM to 5 PM) is listed as one fine business. If you stop by, tell him that the Appalachian Irishman sent you! I may have to drop by there, on a Saturday, one of these days.

I have cited US Debt Clock and USA Debt Clock several times, in many articles. Watching those debt numbers increase, by the second, makes my head spin! The Monopoly money spending spree continues by the second – as this once great nation advances rapidly toward “Socialist Utopian Oblivion.”

I coined “Socialist Utopian Oblivion,” at the conclusion of my article, “5/2/2021, SUNDAY: POLY-TICS SMORGASBORD CATCH-UP (#2).” Do a “Gaggle” search of “Socialist Utopian Oblivion.” It will show links to two of my website articles – only. Y'all are welcome to use my coined phrase.

Ralph Petersen is a wise and educated man. His columns make sense. I have read and will continue to read each one. One article that caught my eye was in late October of 2021. He wrote a pithy article, titled “Grammatical Gender Confusion Disorder.” I wish that I'd saved the PDF or the print, of that edition. The Rogersville Review website search feature is rather cumbersome to use. Basically, he argued, as I have done, that a person has either an innie or an outie. An innie is a girl. An outie is a boy. There are no other options. Ralph Petersen made hay, about how some folks use “they,” incorrectly, when meaning “he” or “she.” That improper use of grammar makes my ears hurt!

If Ralph Petersen's e-mail address is valid, I will e-mail him, after I've published this article – to brag on him and to let him know that my website has mentioned him.


That “Sweet 16” basketball game is about half way done, as I can figure. I'm finishing up this article – in my home office. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman is a stone's throw away – in the living room. I have not heard a sound from her, as I have been writing.

Free stuff means that folks, who vote for the ones who provide the milk, suck the udders of the “cows” that feed them. That's been going on far too long, in this once great nation. It will lead to the utter end – eventually.

Y'all figure out that last paragraph. The wise will.

Update 3-27-2022

Now that I have more time, I have “beefed up” this article. Y'all like beef? “It's what's for dinner.”

For subscribers to The Rogersville Review, the link – at The Rogersville Review, Wednesday, 10/20/2021, Midweek Edition, on page 4A, in the Opinions Section – to the article, by Ralph Petersen, is: “Always Right, Sometimes Wrong: Grammatical Gender Confusion Disorder”.

Note: by “live article view,” the 10/24/2021 date is not correct. In “replica view,” the article is in the Wednesday, 10/20/2021, edition. One may select either “live article view” or “replica view.”

By the way, the Lady Vols did not have a “Sweet 16” win yesterday. I'm glad that “March madness” is winding down! Mrs. Appalachian Irishman seemed to think that the Lady Vols would lose. She didn't do any “cussin'” or “fussin'.”

Don't suck too much on the “govrmint” tit. The utter end is coming – perhaps sooner than we realize. The Monopoly money will run dry – eventually.

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