Sunday, March 20, 2022

SSG. RYAN KNAUSS - THE WHOLE IN THE WORLD RE-VISITED (published 3-20-2022; article #308)


The first four articles today were either boring or very funny. This fifth article today, along with the next (or final) article, are serious. I hope that you are still with me!

This article is further commentary on my article “The Whole in the World (published 8/29/2021).” I have seen the memorial before. Yesterday, I paused to take two photographs. The memorial is near the north entrance to Weigels Store #39, where we buy gasoline that costs a brick of gold.

The Two Photographs

No further commentary is needed.

The above photograph captures the American flag, almost fully extended. The wind was blowing from the west.


The 8/29/2021 article did not mention SSG. RYAN KNAUSS by name. I state his name now. Our small community was still in shock, when I wrote that article. Now, folks are getting along well enough – despite all the bad news that we see and hear.

Yesterday, during one errand, I passed an older man. He was wearing a Vietnam veteran cap. I stopped. I said, “Cap.” He understood. I looked him in the eyes. I said, “Thank you for your service. Welcome back.” He replied, “Thank you.” We parted and continued our separate errands.

SSG. RYAN KNAUSS, I did not know you. Thank you for your service – and for your ultimate sacrifice for this country. I wish that folks, in this once great nation, would live in honor of your sacrifice.

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