Monday, January 17, 2022

MONA BECKNER ATTAINS AGE 100, ON 1-18-2022 (published 1-17-2022; article #292)


We may not know a person, personally, who attains age 100 very often – if ever. We hear about folks, attaining age 100, on the various media sources. I know a fine Christian lady, who will attain age 100 tomorrow, Lord willing!

My January 18, 2021, article honored this dear lady. That article linked to my January 26, 2020, article, on the same topic.

Aunt Mona Made the TV!

On Friday, January 14, 2022, I was working for a living, at the “Hadean Realm” office – not from home, sadly. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman was working.

WBIR TV (Knoxville, Tennessee) visited Aunt Mona, on 1/14/2022! I wish that we could have been there! The WBIR TV website links are:

“A Century of Stories: Oak Ridge Calutron Girl Turning 100 Years Old,” by Katie Inman, published 5:47 PM EST January 14, 2022; updated 5:47 PM EST January 14, 2022.

“Oak Ridge Calutron Girl Celebrating 100th Birthday,” by, published 4:54 PM EST January 14, 2022; updated 4:54 PM EST January 14, 2022. The caption reads, “Mona Beckner turns 100 on January 18. She's lived a storied life full of love, laughter, and history.”


Tomorrow is Aunt Mona's 100th birthday anniversary. It is also the date that my Uncle Robert Allen Wood (5/14/1939 - 1/18/1941) left this world in his infancy.

Each of us live a few years here. A few of us may attain age 100 or more. Aunt Mona has been ready to go Home, for many years. Uncle Bobby (Robert Allen Wood) is Home. Many other family and friends are either Home now or looking forward to going Home.

This temporal life is not Home. We will all join the great and everlasting reunion at Home – if we are ready. Are you, dear reader, ready? If you would like to converse on this vital topic, please use my “Contact Form” to communicate with me.

I'll stop, to publish this after supper. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman has already said, “Okay, Georgie!”

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