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My fourth and final article, of 5/8/2022, was “MOTHER'S DAY ON VE DAY (published 5-8-2022; article #321).” This article focuses my thoughts on VE Day in Russia, with remarks on the 2022 Slavic War: the Russian invasion of the Ukraine.

The inspiration for this article is “Откройте и закройте ящик и дверцу шкафа.” I will explain, in the conclusion.

VE Europe 5/8/1945 or 5/9/1945?

Some folks, in this once great nation, were aware that 5/8/2022 marked the seventy-sixth anniversary of the German surrender to the Allies – VE Europe. Russia was an ally, despite some uneducated folks, who think that Russia was part of the enemy Axis nations.

My 5/8/2022 article (mentioned above) linked to the article, “V-E Day is celebrated in America and Britain,” by Editors, last updated May 3, 2022, original published date November 16, 2009.

Russians have continued to celebrate VE Day, on May 9th, annually. I wonder why this once great nation does not celebrate on May 8th annually. The lack of celebration in this nation is regrettable.

Why do Russians celebrate VE in Europe Day a day late – on May 9th, not May 8th? The time zone was the difference. Germany surrendered on 5/8/1945, at 11:01 PM. Russia was already into the early hours of 5/9/1945. has a good article that explains. See "Why Does Russia Celebrate V-E Day on May 9? If the Nazis surrendered May 8, why do the Russians celebrate on May 9?” by Michael Y. Park, 4/29/2022.


On 5/9/2022, Monday, I heard a few, uneducated, TV broadcasters state that 5/9/2022 marked the anniversary of “the Russian victory over Germany, in World War II.” I had to laugh! First, Russians call World War II the Great Patriotic War. Second, Russia, alone, did not defeat Germany. The Allies (including Russia) defeated Germany.

By the way, World War II did not end completely, until 8/14/1945, V-J (Victory in Japan) Day, when the Japanese surrendered. On 9/2/1945, Japan signed the surrender documents, on the USS Missouri. The information is common knowledge. I learned it in grade school.

2022 Slavic War: The Russian Invasion of the Ukraine

The articles of Tuesday, March 8, 2022, and Sunday, March 20, 2022, include my comments on the 2022 Slavic War (as I call it).

Since 2/24/2022, various legitimate media sources have continued to provide an abundance of details, on the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. The tragic loss of life, injuries, damage, and chaos continue daily. The ongoing conflict is demoralizing, as an understatement.

Russians are divided. Some favor the war and side against the Ukraine. Others despise the war and side with the Ukraine. Other legitimate (not propaganda) media sources and friends (brothers and sisters in Christ) provide me with valid news.

No nation is without fault – in many areas – for many reasons. The demise of morality is global and has been ongoing for decades – if not centuries or millennia. The Ukraine is not without its faults – neither is Russia.

I see media sources that fault the Ukraine, for the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. Some media sources fault NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), for the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. Some media sources fault Russia, and Vladimir Putin particularly, for the invasion.

I know individuals, who fault Vladimir Putin. I know one individual, who has stated, “this time Putin is not the villain.” That individual has a reasoned opinion. I do not agree. I respect the intellect of the individual – not his opinion.

History of the Ukraine has an in-depth article on “History of Ukraine,” by The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica. The article contains links to many other website sources, for additional reading.

The Ukraine, for centuries, has had the unfortunate geographic location that has been ripe with various aspects of control. Since December 1, 1991, the Ukraine has been an independent nation – with various difficulties and achievements that the article documents.

The Russian invasion of the Ukraine (the 2022 Slavic War) may have been the fault of several. Vladimir Putin is the main villain.

The Moscow Times Serendipitous 5/12/2022 Email

I had started this article yesterday. I'm glad that I waited, to publish, today. I am on The Moscow Times mailing list.

Today, at 12:49 PM, I was one of many, who received an email, “Letter by Michele A. Berdy, Arts Editor and Columnist.” While in Moscow (10/1/1994 - 9/30/1999), Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I especially enjoyed reading her columns on Russian language! They helped educate us, in the rich nuances of Russian words, word use, and sentence structures.

The 5/12/2022 email letter linked to Michele Berdy's The Moscow Times article, "The Dots Were All There. We Just Couldn’t Connect Them.” By Michele A. Berdy. Updated April 6, 2022; reprinted by permission of POLITICO LLC, Copyright 2022 POLITICO LLC. The Politico article, by the same title, is by Michele A. Berdy, published 3/27/2022, 06:55 AM EDT. I suggest highly that you “sit and read a while, with a cup of coffee,” that article. I did, except I sipped on water.


How did “Откройте и закройте ящик и дверцу шкафа inspire this article, you ask? On Friday, 5/6/2022, my non-bionic right shoulder had started giving me fits. I suspect a crossover reaction (as the medical folks call it) from my “bionic” left shoulder. My middle back “fun” started on 4/25/2022. I've had chiropractic adjustments on 4/28/2022, 5/5/2022, and 5/9/2022 – not the usual monthly “tune ups.”

When I opened a drawer or cabinet, with my right arm, my right shoulder “talked to me” enough. The expression “open and close the drawer and cabinet door,” in Russian, came into my mind. I could say everything, in Russian, except “drawer.” Somewhere in my brain, the Russian word for “drawer” was hiding. I had to find it! I did! It is “ящик!” I had to use the Interweb to find the word that was locked in the deep folds of memories. Check out the Language Drops search for “drawer” in Russian, at “What is the Russian word for 'Drawer'?” Other, similar, Russian words are listed. I knew the other Russian words. I remember “ящик” now! I found it, hiding under a fold of memory, in my brain!

Russia needs to close its open “drawer,” on its invasion of the Ukraine. That “drawer” should never have been opened. Vladimir Putin is the villain.

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