Sunday, March 20, 2022

2022 SLAVIC WAR: THE RUSSIAN INVASION OF THE UKRAINE – DAY 25 (published 3-20-2022; article #309)


On International Women's Day (3/8/2022), I published “2022 Slavic War: the Russian Invasion of the Ukraine.” I wish that 300th article had not been a sad one. It was.

This article marks day 25 of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Various media sources are filled with daily and sad details.

The Moscow Times

When Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I lived in Moscow, Russia (10/1/1994 - 9/30/1999), we enjoyed picking up and reading free issues of The Moscow Times. We probably still have paper editions, stored in the basement. Anyone may sign up for weekly emails, from The Moscow Times, to read articles. That source has not yet been shut down. Anyone, who wishes to do so, may contribute to their work.

Among several informative articles, I will reference one. It is “‘My Father Said I’m a Traitor Who Should Be Shot First’: War in Ukraine Splits Russian Families,” The Moscow Times, by James Beardsworth, updated March 15, 2022. The internal conflict in Russia is often generational. The Russian media, which Putin dictates, are propagandists, not neutral commentators.

That article contains a link to a BBC News Russian website article, titled “Поддерживают ли россияне войну в Украине? Смотря как спросить,” 8 марта 2022. The article has several very good informational details. The English translation is available. I read the original Russian, admittedly slower and with more difficulty than I could have done in English.

That BBC Russia article links to the website Do Russians Want War? (English version). The website contains volumes of excellent information. The “about” section contains the following:

The research project "Do Russians Want War?" has been designed by a Russian opposition politician Alexei Miniailo and the like-minded (sociologists, analytics, data-analysts). Our aim is to speak up on how the war with Ukraine is being perceived in Russia. To give reliable, truthful, verifiable information, we hold regular polls, focus groups, social media research. We analyze the results, discuss them with the best Russian independent researchers and share them with you. We plan to release updates every couple of weeks.

The Do Russians Want War? website links to a TAZEROS LLC online source that contains an information dashboard. The website has details on several subjects, not only the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


I pray that the 2022 Slavic War will end soon, in peace. Brothers should not fight brothers. Vladimir Putin and his minions need to go directly to the Hadean Realm as quickly as possible, before even more die. Ukraine was not without its faults; however, that nation does not deserve Putin's atrocities.

Dear Lord, I have the will, but not the power. Will You use Your omnipotence to stop this Slavic War? This is my prayer, in Christ's name. Amen.

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