Tuesday, October 31, 2023

A Dog's Perspective, on Her Birthday (published 10-31-2023; article #439)

Molly, on her 7th birthday! (Photograph, 10/31/2022, 11:34 AM, by M. Fearghail.)

Publisher's Introduction

Halloween greetings, fellow spooks and haints! Welcome to the lucky 13th article, under the “pets” topic section!

Today, we celebrate the birthday of our ol' puppy, Molly! She's officially eight years old today! Read along, as we celebrate! You may also enjoy three previous articles, about Molly. For your reading pleasure, please check out: “6/19/2021, Saturday: Molly 'Super Puppy!'”, "Illegal Border Crossing: Molly is Guilty! (published 10-22-2022; article #367)”, and Molly's Birthday Fun - at Age Seven! (published 10-31-2022; article #369).

I'm glad that it rained most of the day yesterday. We've been needing it. We need more. Today, the weather went from cloudy to sunny. It's cooler. Last weekend, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman came down with a case of the crud. She worsened yesterday, but she's improving today. I'm glad that she could take sick leave from work.

I'll be back, in the conclusion. I'll step aside, since Molly wanted to write an article, to commemorate her birthday today. Ladies and gentlemen, I now introduce Molly, writing in the first person, for the first time, on this website! Take it away, Molly!

Molly Writes

Woof, woof, y'all! Yes, this is Molly! The man sometimes calls me “ol' puppy,” “Molly doggy,” “super puppy,” and “super Molly.” I like the man. I like the woman too. I've learned to write, only recently. I can say a few words, in English and Russian.

The man tells me that I'm eight years old today. I remember my mother and my siblings. I don't remember my father. He wasn't around much. When I got old enough, the human, who took care of us, gave me away to a good person. I missed my mother and siblings, but it was time for me to get out on my own!

I was a young puppy, back then. Life was good! The person played with me, and I had good food and treats. I wore a collar, with my name and the person's phone number on it, in case I got lost. I had one bad event. I got hit, in my left hip. I think that I cracked my hip bone. (When the man and the woman got me, the man took me to see my doctor, who checked me out. She said that I'd had a fracture, but it had healed perfectly.) I remember being sore for several days. The person took care of me.

I like to be outside, if it's not raining or very cold. Don't all dogs like that? When I was about eight months old, I saw many children walking on sidewalks. They were dressed in strange clothes and carrying baskets. They went to houses, and people gave them stuff! I decided to follow those kids!

Well, I got lost. Some other people, who had two dogs, found me. I stayed with them a while. It was fun! (The phone number on my tag wasn't the right one anymore.) They took care of me, and I liked their dogs. Those people couldn't keep me, with their two dogs, because they didn't have enough room, inside or outside, for us.

That's how I met the man! He came to meet me. I liked him, and he liked me. He took me to my new house! I met the woman. She liked me, and I liked her. They have a big field, behind my house. I can run, sniff, take “crappers” and “whizzers,” and defend my house! I have a big room, all to myself, where I sleep at night. I stay there, if it's raining a lot or if it's too cold. The man calls it my basement condominium. I sleep on two beds, and I have a classic rock radio that I like.

When I was age one, I remember the man taking me to my doctor. I don't remember what happened, when I was asleep. I woke up and felt good. I didn't have the bleeding that I had been having. The man said that I had been fixed. That was good!

The next day after I was fixed, the man disappeared a long time. The woman was around, but she was gone a lot too. Other people took care of me some. I missed the man. He finally came back to my home! I don't know how long he was gone. I could see him, but the woman had to push him around in a chair that had wheels on it.

Finally, the man was able to walk on his two legs. (I have four, which is better!) After more time went by, he got back to walking as he used to do.

The man still can't play chase the doggy with me, like I wish that he could. He can't run like he used to do. I'd chase him, and he would chase me! That was fun! It's okay, since he plays other games with me. I like what the man calls “old favorite” and the plastic bottle the best!

I like when the man takes me places, in his truck. I ride in a big box, with windows, in the truck bed. The box has a big pillow in it. The man gives me treats, after I get in and out! He usually takes me to my doctor. They call it annual check ups. I have fun!

The man used to take me hiking with him. I asked him how many times and when the last time was. He said that I hiked with him, on 11/26/2015 (the day humans call Thanksgiving). That was our first time. He said that he took me on 12/6/2015, 1/3/2016, 2/7/2016, and 3/6/2016. The next to last time was on 3/20/2016. He must have been hurt just after that hike. He said that the last time was on 3/17/2019 (what humans call St. Patrick's Day). I remember that one! The woman and five other humans went. Two other dogs went too! Seven humans and three dogs was fun!

I wish that the man could take me hiking again. He said that he might but that we couldn't go up the mountain. He doesn't think that he can protect me, like he used to be able to do, before he got hurt. He always uses a leash, to help me stay on the right trail. I like to sniff a lot! I might get too excited, run off sniffing, and get lost. I understand, man. Please take me on those easy trails. Please!

What did I do today? I had fun! The sun came out, and the man and I played a while. He drove off, for a time, in his truck. He told me that he was going to get “Molly doggys!” He came back with my food and treats! Good man!

I used to like to meet the kids, when they came, on my birthday, to get treats, from the man and the woman. They don't come around like they used to do.

After supper time, I look forward to spending the evening in the human part of my house! The man will play my “got 'ems” game, as much as I ask him to do! I'll go out and come back in, as much as I want to do. It's fun and relaxing. When I get sleepy, the man or the woman will take me to my condominium, so I can sleep well.

I'll be awake and ready tomorrow morning! It's what the man calls “outside doggy time!” I have “sniffers” to do! I have to protect my house and land! Sometimes skunks and wild turkeys come around! This is my house and land, but I let the man and woman live here. They take care of me. I love them.

Publisher's Conclusion

Thanks, Molly, for writing your first article! I hope that you write more! The woman and I love you too! I can't speak doggy language as well as you can speak human language. I don't even know if doggy language has a written form!

Good ol' puppy, Molly! I promise, Lord willing, that I'll take you hiking, at least on the loop trails, on House Mountain! Please don't try to get me to take you up the ridge! My “bionic” right foot and right knee can't guide you, on the leash, like it once could.

The woman and I love you too, Molly! I'm glad that you keep us!

By the way, the St. Patrick's Day hike, which Molly mentioned, was great. My youngest brother helped me guide Molly. The article is “House Mt. #156, Saint Patrick's Day: 7 Humans and 3 Dogs! (published 3-21-2019; updated 7-21-2022).”

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