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Molly is our “super puppy!” I met Molly, on 11/17/2015. She was a few months old. We took an immediate liking to each other!

Before we met, Molly had come to visit a friend (and former colleague) and her husband, on Halloween (Saturday, 10/31/2015). Molly had been following trick-or-treaters, wagging her tail and having fun. She, apparently, had gotten away from her owner. The owner's phone number was still on her tag. The number was no longer valid. My friends had posted fliers in their neighborhood, to find the owner, without success. My friends, who already had two dogs, had posted on the “Interweb,” hoping to find a new home for Molly. I had responded!

After having purchased several doggy items, I brought Molly home, on 11/21/2015, a crisp and cool Saturday. (Papaw Ferrell had passed, on 11/21/1970.) Molly met Mrs. Appalachian Irishman. They took a shine to each other immediately! Molly's first visit to her veterinarian was later that day. Molly was fine!

Molly's Veterinarian Visit, 6/19/2021

Molly, at age six now, is still fine! She was born before 10/31/2015, so she is age six. We, however, celebrate Molly's birthday on October 31st, each year. Molly attains age six, officially, on 10/31/2021!

I have kept each record of Molly's visits to her veterinarian. I also have a digital log document that includes each record, with notations on various details. Molly has an annual physical exam. She has a follow up at six months, to squirt one medicine into her nose. It's routine, every six months. Today, 6/19/2021, Saturday, was get “the squirt in the nose” appointment, at 10 AM.

As usual, Molly likes to see everyone at her doctor's office! She enjoys the ride in the truck! She likes to do “sniffers,” “leakers” (to mark her territory), and “crappers” – before and/or after her visit! She doesn't like, however, “the squirt in the nose” stuff, but she shakes it off, with tail wagging and a sneeze!

The following are three photographs that I took, with my trusty Samsung cell phone camera, after Molly's appointment. (It's not a “semi-intelligent” phone, but it has taken many great photographs, on hikes, etc., for years.) Each one is in the yard around her doctor's office. The images are a little blurry. Molly moves fast!

The above is in the front yard. Molly had her “crappers” before her appointment – in the grass, thankfully! She's had “crappers” on the sidewalk a couple of times, in the past. No worries! Gloves are available in a metal box outside. A metal “crapper dumper,” with lid, is nearby too! I've gloved up and dumped “Molly crappers” in the “crapper dumper” a couple of times!

Do you see the heart pattern? I call that Molly's “heart pattern.”

The above two photographs are in a far corner of the doctor's office yard, near an Advance Auto Parts store. Trees provide shade behind and to the right of the images. Clean water, from recent rain or from a wet weather well, was under the trees. After the last photograph, Molly darted to the water. She got several big gulps of water. Then, she decided to take a bath in the water! I wish that I could have recorded Molly, rolling around in the shallow water and then shaking herself! My mind holds the image. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had given Molly a bath, on Wednesday. Today was second bath in one week! Good puppy!


Molly and I were robbed of hikes, on “My Mountain,” except for a few – after 3/29/2016, a day that lives in infamy. I am still working on being sufficiently confident in my right foot and knee, to take her hiking with me again.

Molly and I still have a great deal of “man and doggy” time – even if it is in the yard or on a trip to see her doctor! Good puppy!

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