Monday, October 31, 2022

MOLLY'S BIRTHDAY FUN - at Age Seven! (published 10-31-2022; article #369)


Greetings, dear reader, on Halloween! The weather has been morning rain to cloudy afternoon. The sun peaks out at times. Trick-or-treaters won't get wet this evening.

Most importantly, today is Molly doggy's birthday! She is seven years young. Molly was born, probably, in February 2015. She had escaped her original owner, to visit friends, on Halloween of 2015. Molly was about eight months old. After we got Molly, we started counting her birthday on Halloween every year. Molly likes the day that we picked!

Molly's Birthday Photographs!

Late this morning, despite the wet and cloudy conditions, Molly had fun with Gordon and me – while Gordon, of Bi-County Propane, filled our backyard propane tank! (Bi-County Propane doesn't have a website, but you can reach a real person by phone – with no robot asking you questions! I recommend them highly, if you need propane!)

I took the two photographs, below, at 11:34 AM. Molly likes Gordon! Well, Molly likes everyone!

Howdy, Molly! I was trying to get her to stop long enough for that first photograph.

Molly is looking right at you! Say hello! Do you see the intelligence in her eyes? She's standing beside Gordon. Thanks, Gordon, for allowing me to include part of you in the photograph!

 Molly's “Molly-TV” Video!

We often watch M*A*S*H, on MeTV, when Molly is inside with us in the evenings. I joke, by calling it “Molly-TV.” Well, Molly-TV is live, as of this article! Enjoy her first program (1 minute, 8 seconds)!

I couldn't hold my camera and continue playing “plastic bottle game” with Molly! We continued the game after I'd stopped recording. I was speaking in my “Molly language,” which she likes.

I have a human language. I have a Molly language. Molly understands my Molly language. I can understand her language – by her expression, how she cocks her ears, how she turns her head, how she looks at me, and how she barks. I understand Molly language well enough.


Happy birthday to Molly! Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I love our ol' puppy!

I'll continue my series on Christian Evidences, but I needed to write this article today. The depth of my theological studies, by the way, indicate that “all good dogs to to heaven!” My reference is Second Opinions 3:16! You are welcome to quote me on that!

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