Saturday, March 20, 2021



At 4:24 PM, I will start to write on this blank canvas. The last few days of rainy weather are gone. The sky is clear blue. The sun shined all day. Today is the first day of astronomical spring. The first day of meteorological spring was on 3/1/2021.

House Mountain has to be muddy enough. I will postpone future hike #178 to write.

The Mundane

Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I survived another work week. You do not, dear reader, want to know the details of the work insanity. We know. They are relatively trivial, in the long-term perspective.

Saturday, 3/20/2021, earlier today: Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had to get an oil change for our 2008 Honda Civic. She had driven about 3,000 miles in about two months. Most of that driving is her, Monday through Friday, round trip to her vice principal/teacher job. One-way is about 45 minutes or 32 miles. Her sister and she used to carpool. Each one drove, on average, 2.5 times per week. The “global pandemic” (which is a redundant statement) stopped their carpooling, in October 2020. Well, the “global pandemic” did not stop it. A particular point of reaction to the “global pandemic” stopped it.

My “long-suffering” wife continued her errands. While close by, after the oil change, she bought “red lid doggys” (treats) at the Tractor Supply! They had three in stock! Wow! I've been there, when only one was in stock. The USSA supply shortages are improving, for now. Wait until the USSA shortages become more like the former USSR shortages were, decades ago. It will not be fun.

What did I do today, you ask? While I was starting to haul trash, I met a neighbor, who was walking. We talked. His wife and he are okay. Their dog, Ben, had died recently. Ben was age 16. His ticker played out on him. Age 16 is a long time in dog years. In human years, Ben lived to about age 112! I had met Ben several times, over the years. He was a good dog.

Well, I hauled trash. Before doing so, I had worked on my side of the garage door opener mechanism. I may have it set better. Molly, as the lazy ol' puppy that she was today, never did come to “see the man.”

At trash hauling, I met a new friend. He has two Trump (the last president of the USA) stickers on the rear bumper of his truck. We talked. He and I agreed. He knows my website. I hope that he stops by for coffee, to read a while. I figure that he will.

I came home. I tried to kill a spider that got into my truck cab. I wounded him. He ain't dead yet! I can't find him – yet. I checked mail, all junk. I was outside a while. Where's Molly? Did she run off? Is she just lazy? I don't know.

The Humor

3/17/2021, Wednesday: it was St. Patrick's Day! “The Quiet Man,” from 1952, eight years before I was born, is still a great movie! I have enjoyed watching it, for years, on or near St. Patrick's Day, on Turner Classic Movies. “Comcrap,” as I call the monopoly, however, has taken away Turner Classic Movies, unless we pay more for it. I refuse to pay the monopoly more money.

If you need a bit of information on St. Patrick, “History of St. Patrick’s Day,” on, by editors, original 10/27/2009, is a good article. It's not very detailed. I know more of the details. We Irish must “live in hope, even if we do die in despair.” “May the luck of the Irish be with you.” If you are of predominate Irish heritage, you know the jokes. If you are not, may the Good Lord help you!

“Should” verses “Could:” “should” implied moral obligation. “Could” implies choice. For example, I could stop writing, but I will not. I should live right, by God's rules. Do you understand the difference? I figure that most of my readers do.

I have heard, via Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, that one of her relatives had stated that I should get a new cold virus shot (or series of two shots). In other words, I am morally obligated to get a new cold virus shot (or series of two shots). That, of course, was the incorrect use of the English language. My wife's relative needed to have said that I could get a new cold virus shot (or series of two shots).

Of course, I am having some fun! Ba chóir, in the Irish, is “should.” D'fhéadfadh, in the Irish, is “could.” There is a difference. We must use the English correctly. I'm still working on my Irish language skills. I am a long-suffering Tennessee state employee. I will retire from this state job, after I've found another job to do. I'm working on it. Today, the postal mail presented me with a offer, to which I am eligible as a state employee. I am offered help for any type of psychological need (i.e., relational, drug use, depression/anxiety, legal, financial, etc.). Well great! I may be able to help those folks.

At 4 PM today, I called the phone number listed in the mailing. I spoke with a lady, who had to work on a Saturday. I think that she enjoyed my humor. I offered to make my services available to the state of Tennessee government, as it could use my services. I would not charge the state for my services. I would help freely. Tennessee needs my help. I hope that the lady passed on my request, to leave me alone. If so, the state of Tennessee will save some postage, whatever the price of a stamp is now.


At 5:54 PM, supper is almost ready. I have an article on “poly-tics” in my mind, not on paper yet. Depending on the weather and my “bionics” tomorrow, I may write that article. Otherwise, it will wait. An Appalachian Irishman must hike, don't you know?

Until then, let's eat supper, y'all!

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