Wednesday, March 24, 2021



I have another “polytics” article in my mind. I have been researching it. Wait for it, please. Until then, this is my “life, such as it is,” update.

Today, was, at least, “interesting.” Enjoy the ride!

The “Fun”

Mrs. Appalachian Irishman continued her to and from work daily routine. I continued my work routine -- at home on Monday through Wednesday and at the office on Thursday and Friday. We survived.

Today, our neighbor rang the door bell, while I was in the monthly meeting, as a waste of my time. It's boring. I'm used to it. I was in the meeting by phone, as everyone else was, in this “new normal.” Our neighbor offered to mow our yard, which needs mowing. I told him, with phone meeting muted, that I'd call him later. I did.

Afterward, our “mower guy” (i.e., LTD Lawn Service) and his crew arrived, as I knew that they would, to mow, for the first mowing of the season. They mowed two neighbors' yards also, while they were in our area. If you need yard mowing services, especially in east Knox County, Tennessee, you will do no better than to call my “mower guy.” His website, as I've referenced, has his contact information.

My father-in-law attained the young age of 83 today. After my work-at-home day, I called him. I have not seen him since 7/18/2020, due to “the new normal” or to whatever the “mask mafia” has dictated. He's getting along well enough. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, his eldest daughter, her two sisters, and the daughter of “favorite sister-in-law” had no plans. At 5:44 PM, I hear the garage door open! Mrs. Appalachian Irishman was home, from the “new normal” festivities, such as they were!

Well, at the Fearghail house, here, the usual routine will continue, such as it is. I'll keep writing, as you keep reading!


I have a known friend. Her husband is in a similar situation, at the second hospital that I was in, back in 2016. I know the details. I pray God's blessings on her husband's recovery. I takes time. God will not heal, by miracle, well, unless rarely. It takes time and stubborn determination. I know.

By the way, as the Irish enjoy finishing with humor, today, we received a State of Tennessee, Department of Revenue, Notice of Motor Vehicle Registration Renewal. It was a little postcard in the mailbox. On 3/6/2021, these folks had e-mailed me, to remind that the annual tag sticker, for our '08 Honda Civic, was due. I had paid them the same day. I have the 2022 tag on the car now! When will the State of Tennessee every get it's head out of it's rear end?

Supper is ready. Let's eat! Y'all keep turnin' right and goin' straight out there! The straight course will lead us Home, but not yet, today.

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