Tuesday, March 16, 2021

PAPAW ABY WILLIAM WOOD: 9/4/1901 – 3/14/1983 (published 3/16/2021)


I have written about, or mentioned, Papaw Wood before, in at least the following four articles.


Mom must have taken the photograph, below, in the 1970's. The occasion must have been Granny and Papaw Wood's anniversary. I don't remember the year. Mom didn't write on the back of the photograph that I still have. Mom had made the anniversary cake, which is on the table.

I wonder why Granny and Papaw Wood were not smiling! They enjoyed smiling and laughter! Mom took the photograph in their Bean Station, Tennessee, home. They were standing in the kitchen. I remember many details, except the year.

The above image was a moment in time. It had been a good day. Granny and Papaw Wood were married, on 8/26/1931.


Papaw Wood was age 16 when Russia became the Soviet Union, in 1917. He endured the good and bad in his life. He was my wonderful, maternal, grandfather!

On 3/14/2021, when supper was almost ready, I wrote: Papaw Wood, I'll part with this thought: I will see you, Granny Wood, Mom, Dad, and so many others again! Keep that cake ready for me! I love you! I miss you! I will see you again!

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