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“Polytics” is from Greek “poly” (many) and “ticks” (blood suckers). Pot is a known plant-based substance. Party is, well, a party. I hope that you enjoy my article. Let's have some “polytics” pot party fun!


First, I will note the minutia. Tim Burchett is our USSA House Representative. He was a great Knox County Superintendent (aka Mayor). He has advanced to his current “polytical” level. I am glad that he has advanced. I get his monthly e-mail newsletters.

In his 3/2/2021 newsletter, he wrote, regarding the $1.9 trillion spending spree with printed money, that “only 9% of the money in this so-called relief bill actually goes to addressing coronavirus concerns.” I “fact checked” this. Depending on how you count the money that the USSA does not have, he is correct, mostly. He added that “over $1 trillion in already-appropriated federal COVID-19 economic aid remains unspent.” I didn't care to check that. If the USSA has the last round of money tree money unspent, then how will the USSA spend the newest money tree money? It is all a joke! The USSA will keep printing Monopoly money. $1,000 may be worth $1 eventually. (I have written on the details recently.)

On 3/2/2021, I must have commented on his website, which requires much “hoop jumping” to comment. On 3/11/2021, he replied by email to my remarks, which I had forgotten. His reply was mundane and not relevant.

On 3/14/2021, on his “Farcebook” site, “Congressman Tim Burchett”, I wrote, in the Community Section: Appalachian Irishman is preparing an article, to be published, re: the democrat socialist agenda. On 3/16/2021, at 6 PM, I plan to be one of the ones who call in for your Town Hall, by phone. You are doing well enough. Your contact by email system is in need of MUCH improvement, however.”

On 3/16/2021, I joined Representative Burchett's Town Hall (via 865-217-2185), at 5:59 PM. I waited. The teleconference started. I left a comment, at about 6:08 PM. By 6:18 PM, I did not hear a reply, and supper was ready. I dropped.

Tim Burchett is doing his best to stand against the USSA “democrat” socialist agenda. I am doing so also. We will lose. The USA is gone, boys. Welcome to the USSA socialist utopia! The USSA is at least 100 years behind the former USSR. I have written about it recently.

The two Tennessee senators are (the website uses last name, first name): Blackburn, Marsha and Hagerty, Bill. I voted for Marsha Blackburn. I voted for myself, instead of Bill Hagerty, due to his obsessive efforts to contact me, to vote for him. Marsha Blackburn has a newsletter. I signed up for it yesterday. Why doesn't Bill Hagerty have a newsletter? Marsha Blackburn takes a hard stand, for constitutional principals. I hope Bill Hagerty is doing so also. He is better than “Lamar,” whom he replaced.

Pot Party

The USSA is on a “democrat socialist pot party” at the moment. The printed Monopoly money “weed” has many folks high. Like pot, once the drug-induced high wears off, the USSA must come down.

Decades ago, a life-long friend shared an event, that had happened not long after high school. He had a friend. His friend and he were at a party. My friend did not drink or do drugs. His friend did marijuana, at least. My friend's friend had inhaled or swallowed too much marijuana. My friend had stated that his friend was on the front porch, with his head in a flower pot, saying, “I need to come back down to earth, man!”

The USSA will come back down to earth, after the “pot party” (i.e., socialist democrat utopia party) is over. It may take 70 to 100 years or so.


I had started this article yesterday. It is published today, finally. Life goes on, such as it is. Are you ready do come down to earth? I am ready to leave this earth, to go Home. Of course, I have several more House Mountain hikes to do, as my plan, before I go Home.

It's almost supper time. I'm 10-10 on the side, until next article.

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