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“Sandwich board sign with chalk-written message,” 5/7/2020, on Dig DC. Free Download.


On this stormy and rainy Saturday, I hope that y'all are enduring the weather “disaster.” The rain comes and goes. Oh, we had a little hail here a couple of times. The hail got up to marble size. I wonder if folks who can't get vehicles into garages, because of too much clutter, had vehicle damage. We didn't. Our car and truck were both “in the barn,” safely.

It's a spring storm, y'all! It's nothing else. Don't let those weather folks get you too worked up. It has happened before, over the centuries.

During the afternoon lull, the “luck of the Irish” was with me! I hauled trash, and my truck got his belly full of gas. (He had needed to eat. 3/6/2021 was the last time his belly was filled.) Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, bravely, endured the grocery shopping routine. We are fine, y'all. We're still “livin' la vida 'Rona!”

Hey! I see that my “livin' la vida 'Rona” phrase, which I started, has caught on! Here's the Urban Dictionary reference. I doubt that I will get credit for coining the phrase. I'm the first one that I know who coined it.


Democrat Socialism:” The article, "The Collapsing American Family," on Canada Free Press, by Linda Goudsmit, 3/23/2021, came to me via a “Farcebook” friend's re-post. He is a real life friend and a brother in Christ, which are both more important. It was an okay re-post. (“Farcebook” friends need to STOP re-posting posts from others and write on their own websites, as I do. Okay, I'm done with my soapbox!) You may follow the link if you are bored. The article is good enough.

The article states the obvious, however. Socialism/communism is based on the state. The republican (aka “democratic”) form of government is based on the family structure and proper values. (I can parse out “proper values,” if you need me to do so.) A government that is based on God's moral law (which I can affirm, in logical argument) is right. I know it. Anyone with any common sense knows it. The uneducated and brain washed masses do not know it.

The USSA “Utopian” socialists have been working, in the former USA, since at least the 1880's. They picked up steam, in the 1930's and in the 1960's. They are in control of the former USA now. They control the USSA, which started, as I have written, on 1/6/2021.

As I have written several times before, the USSA has about 70 to 100 years, before it falls. I will be at HOME by then. I still stand now. The stand of many, who agree, is a futile effort, but we still stand. That's the stubborn Irish in me, at least.

Border Insecurity: any nation that cannot secure its borders is doomed. The USSA (former USA) Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection, link is here. It shows the USSA border with Mexico. The fence that exists is present. The red shows the new wall system that the last president of the USA, Donald Trump, and his policy installed. They made good progress. The gaps, without any wall, show also. Note: the website states: “Last modified: January 25, 2021. Archived Content. In an effort to keep current, the archive contains content from a previous administration or is otherwise outdated.” (The meaning is that the first president of the USSA (Biden) has not had his folks update the website from the last president of the USA (Trump).

This next link, from the same USSA Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection, will provide various details. Here is another fairly valid 3/15/2021 PolitiFact link, to check the details, if you are bored. Here is an even better 3/25/2021 link, from, if you aren't too bored yet.

It is not border security. It is border insecurity. Any once great nation that cannot secure its borders, especially its southern border, is doomed. Are you learning to speak Spanish yet? I'm trying, every now and then. It's an easy language. I'll learn it, if I want to. I can speak Russian. It's a hard enough language to learn. Mandarin is harder. I have barely started on my Mandarin language learning. I may have to get around to it. It depends on whether the Russians or the Chinese begin to control this half of the USSA. I figure that the Russians will take east of the Mississippi River, where we are, and that the Chinese will take west of the Mississippi River. I hope that my gamble is right!

Guvrmint” Incompetency Verified

On 3/24/2021, Wednesday, my father-in-law attained age 83. That day, we received the Tennessee Department of Revenue (aka tax collectors) postcard, by postal mail. I don't know when it was mailed. The post office is slow. The postcard reminded us that our 2008 Honda Civic (Mrs. Appalachian Irishman's car) needed to have a new annual sticker on the license plate. I had already received the same agency's e-mail, on 3/6/2021, and I had paid to get the new sticker that day. The new sticker had come by mail. I had placed the new sticker (2022) on the car, many days ago.

On 3/26/2021, Friday, when I was working at the office (Monday through Wednesday at home; at office Thursday and Friday; insanity), we all received an e-mail that stated: the maximum benefit allotment for the household will take place in March. Well, the Tennessee Department of Human Services was only 25 days late on the e-mail. We had know this, since 3/1/2021.

On 3/27/2021, today, Saturday, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman received her Tennessee Department of Health postcard, by postal mail. It reminded her to get her second new cold virus shot. (She had her first new cold virus shot, on 2/24/2021.) My “long-suffering” wife had her second round of the new cold virus shot, on 3/26/2021, about 11 AM, at the Sevier County Health Department. She has had a sore arm (where the shot hit) and a headache, so far. She is not, yet, growing a third ear. That's good. I will not take any type of new cold virus shot. I don't need it. My three “bionic” joints and I are fine, such as we are. Hike with me. See if you can keep up, on the way up the ridge.

Need I write more? The incompetency of the State of Tennessee, in its various departments, is obvious. This is one state. What about the other 49? What about the USSA? The answer is obvious. As Dad used to say, “this country is about gone, boys.” Well, Dad, if you were still here, you would know that the USA is gone and that the USSA, such as it is, is here.

Life, “Such as it is,” Update

Aside from what I have written earlier, today, I decided to update my 2006 Nissan Frontier's mileage record. I hadn't updated the log in a few months. I hadn't updated the annual mileage and miles per gallon record, since 2018. Times does go by.

My new, ol' truck's record:
  2019: 10,610.6 miles.
            510.37 gallons of gas.
            20.79 miles/gallon.

2020: 6,931.7 miles (only; due to the new cold virus insanity that had started in March).
          342.29 gallons of gas.
          20.25 miles/gallon.

Our 2008 Honda Civic is catching up to the miles on my 2006 Nissan Frontier. Who knows? My ol' truck may have fewer miles on the clock than our Civic, if this new cold virus continues to work as a tool, for the “Democrat” Socialist powers that be.


I had to get this article published today. I will have a very detailed article that I will publish on 3/29/2021, Monday. The purpose of that future article will be twofold: to encapsulate the main details of my “bionic” fun, since 3/29/2016, and to inspire my friend and brother in Christ, whom I have not met yet in the flesh. I know him online only.

Wait for that article. I will be a good one. It may be one of my best recently.

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