Sunday, April 11, 2021



Well, at 5:29 PM, on a windy and sunny Sunday late afternoon, how are y'all? The rain most of the day yesterday was fun. The result was no weekend hike for me.

Life, Such As It Is, Update

Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had her spring break week, of paid time off from work (4/5 – 9). She endured. The front porch flower bed area is, at least, cleaned out. She did other stuff, but not too much around here. She does the best that she can.

I am still drudging along, in my work-at-home, Monday through Wednesday, and at office, Thursday and Friday, routine. I survived. Monday was our usual every-four-week chiropractic appointment. I wonder if I'm enduring another setback, in a countless number of setbacks, to go forward. This one involves my left shoulder. I will know, in a few weeks. I endure.

4/8/2021, Thursday, was Holocaust Remembrance Day. Did you remember? I did. "Band of Brothers" was on TV last evening. That was fitting. I will not get into the historical details now. You are able to research all the factual details. It happened – despite what the fake propaganda claims.

4/9/2021, Friday, was my next-to-eldest brother's birthday anniversary. (I am the eldest of four sons, of Earl and Betty Ferrell.) I called him, after work. We talked for a while. His family and he are doing well enough. I know other details, which I will not post here.

4/10/2021, Saturday, would have been the birthday of my mother-in-law, Phyllis Ann House Gordon (4/10/1941 – 4/30/2017). Almost four years have passed, since she went Home. I remembered. “Maw” Gordon, as I called her, was a good mother-in-law. My wife and her Gordon family endured well enough. It gets a little easier, as time passes. I wonder what my mother-in-law and my mother (Betty Lou Wood Ferrell), along with so many others, are doing now. I know that they are having more joy at Home than we are here – on this speck of dust. Hey, Lord, when will you call “everyone out of the pool?” We, well most of us, whom I know, are ready to go Home, to join so many others! We will wait, since you aren't coming back today – well, unless you do in a few more hours.

Yesterday, ironically, we received a postal letter, regarding the speed bump plan. About eight months ago, in the warm weather, a neighbor instigated an effort by Knox County, to install two speed bumps in our little subdivision. (They call them speed humps, which is a euphemistic expression.) Months went by. I assumed that the petition phase had stopped the insanity. It, apparently, did not.

Today, I took a little time. I finished a letter to Knox County, which I started yesterday. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman bought the extra envelopes and stamps that I needed. We have 22 neighbors, in this quiet and peaceful subdivision. Tomorrow, I will have, with flag up, in our mailbox, 23 postal letters. One goes to Knox County. The other 22 go to our neighbors. (I could, of course, hand deliver to our neighbors, but the post office needs the money.)

Well, we'll see what happens. I may win. I may lose. Our subdivision does NOT need the speed bumps! Either way, I AM STANDING – against the bureaucratic insanity, which a neighbor, who went overboard, inspired last year.


This is a brief update only. I have another article, on “Corona Myopia,” etc., in my mind. Supper, however, is almost ready. It's 6:15 PM. Let's eat!

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