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I have had this article in mind and, to some degree, in draft print, since 4/13/2021, Tuesday. The Ferrell clan is on “Ferrell time” (aka slow) at times. My Ferrell slowness is showing, only due to real life details!

Papaw Ferrell

Marion (no middle name) Ferrell was and still is my paternal grandfather. He was born on 4/13/1880 (as the best records verify; not on 4/13/1879). He left this world on 11/21/1970. I know. I was age 10, when he passed. I have the historical records. I know the gravesite. I remember the details. It is family heritage.

On 4/13/2021, working from home last Tuesday, I remembered. Did any other family member, of the Ferrell (from Fearghail, County Longford, Ireland) clan, remember? I wonder. I am sure that some did.

Since 11/21/2013, I have had the PDF lists of Ferrell genealogy. (I have the 6/26/2019 update also. It is a 375-page PDF.) A fine distant cousin had done the work. His research and efforts are accurate (as much as they can be) and are appreciated greatly. The following is the brief genealogy. The numbers mark generations. For example “1” led to “2” as son of “1.” The PDF listings expand the genealogical bush greatly.

1 John Ferrell 1780 – date of death uncertain.

2 John Ferrell, Jr. 1802 – date of death uncertain.

3 James Robert Ferrell 1856 – 1920.

4 Marion Ferrell 4/13/1880 – 11/21/1970. (Note: the PDF has year of birth 1879, in error.)

5 Earl Ferrell (9/17/1927 – 1/25/2008).

6 Marion William Ferrell (this is me; 7/17/1960 – well, the Good Lord won't tell me).

The above article and photograph are from The Rogersville Review, 4/17/1958, Thursday (weekly) edition. That date was four days after Papaw had turned age 78. The article is exact on the details. The photograph was taken in 1908. Papaw, age 28, had been drilling wells seven years. He started in 1901. The exact community was called “Snowflake.” The 1905 model Koger well-machine was mule-driven sometimes also. Earl Ferrell (my father) was using the cable drill in 1958 (i.e., Cyclone). Papaw Ferrell, in 1908, had been drilling a well for Mr. Dinsmore.

The next two images are from Dad's business card. I still have several of them, put up in a safe place. The first image is from the back of Dad's business card.

The next image is the front of Dad's business card.

Granny (Molly Gertrude Archer Ferrell) and Papaw Ferrell were my paternal grandparents. I remember them well. I still see the old home place, where Dad and his brothers and sisters grew up. I remember many great details. They had electricity, eventually. They had a hand pump, for water from the well, in the kitchen. They didn't need indoor toilets. The two-seater outhouse was sufficient. A big tub, near the kitchen stove, was for baths. I know. I took a few baths in that tub.

The Ferrell family is aware of many historical items. I encourage my cousins to write their books or journals, for publishing. Granny and Papaw raised six sons and two daughters. Farming, gardening, hunting, and trapping fed the family. There were many changes over the years.

The life was harder. The life was simpler. A man knew where a man stood. Truth was truth. Facts were facts. Straight forward words hit home, when needed. There was much love. The “L” word (love) was demonstrated, by actions, not by repetition of the word. The “L” word was not used. Love was, however, demonstrated in life actions.

Papaw Ferrell was not bothered by phone calls, texts, e-mails, website articles, heat and air unit problems, plumbing trouble, washer/dryer problems, car/truck trouble, etc. Granny and he never had a car or truck. He walked, or hitched a ride, to town, as he needed. Papaw and his sons cut firewood, feed the livestock, killed hogs at season, farmed, etc. Dad told me that his back trouble started when Papaw wanted to get that last load of hay in. Dad was worn out. He did it anyway. He felt his back pop. He had back trouble the rest of his life. He continued to drill wells and do other physical labor. He endured.

I wonder if any of my cousins will post comments to this article. I hope that they do! Come on, cousins, man or woman up! It's the Ferrell way! We need to write a book, which includes all our stories and memories, together.


I've said for many years that I was born too late. I wish that I had been born in 1760, or at least 1860. (I could have been my own grandpaw!) I was born when I was born, to godly parents. That was fine. A person can't pick when or to whom he is born. I am not complaining. I am thankful for my heritage.

Heritage is based on deep roots. I have deep roots. The Fearghail clan (along the John Ferrell line) has deep roots. (Well most of us do.) Family strength, based on moral absolutes from God, builds good communities. Good communities build good states. Good states build a good nation.

As I conclude, do you see what the socialists are doing and have been doing for decades? Destroy the family, by social programs that pretend to be to help the family. That destroys communities. That destroys states. That is what is destroying this once great nation – even as I type now. “Come on, man!” This once great nation needs a spiritual awakening that starts in the home. At 5:59 PM, on 4/18/2021, Sunday, I hear the beep of the microwave. Supper is ready. I'm hungry. Let's eat! By the way, wait for a sad but everlastingly joyous article next. It's in my mind only right now.

4/19/2021, Monday, postscript: I published this article, such as it is, finally. I have at least two more articles in mind but not on paper yet. One will be a tribute to a high school classmate, who left this world too early, at age 61. I will see him again. He's having more fun that can be imagined now, at Home. At supper time, I'm signing off for now.

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