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With apology to William Shakespeare (from “Hamlet,” spoken by Hamlet, written about 1599 - 1601), I decided upon the title for this article. I'll start with a little “life, such as it is,” update.

Life, Such As It Is, Update

My truck decided that he needed a new battery on Saturday. I got him one, after using the battery charger a few minutes. I hauled trash first, before getting the battery. I always keep the engine running while hauling trash. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had already been out, visited her family, before her Dollar General and IGA errands. The car gets the next battery very soon.

Today, 4/5/2021, started Mrs. Appalachian Irishman's week-long, spring break, paid vacation. She might get some work done around the house and yard. I still work at home Monday through Wednesday and at office Thursday and Friday, as the insanity continues. Mainly, we had our every-four-week chiropractic adjustments today! I think my adjustment will help my left shoulder “whatevers” that have bothered me, since 3/29/2021.

I apologize for my digression! Let's get back to the subject at hand!

Fact Check of “Farcebook” Fact Check

Should one be shot or not be shot? The peer pressure is on! Everyone, from birth to the day before death, needs to get the new cold virus shot! That's the trend, in the socialist media.

I have a real life friend, who is also a “Farcebook” friend. On Good Friday, my friend re-posted a link to the following 3/14/2021 article. The main website is The Truth About Vaccines. The specific article is: Vaccine vs Virus: Fatalities Skyrocket as COVID Vaccines Increase, by Ty Bollinger, on The Truth About Vaccines, 3/14/2021. “Farcebook” had, initially, labeled my friend's re-post as not verified. (I saw it that way first.) Afterward, “Farcebook” dropped the not verified tag. “Farcebook,” apparently, corrected its error. They still do not like truth that gets in the way of their agenda.

I decided to dig, to fact check “Farcebook.” I found that “Farcebook” was right, to correct its initial error. My friend's re-post is correct. The following is the proof that I found, on 4/3/2021.

The proof is straight from the USSA Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Their CDC Wonder information takes some work to get what you find. I did the work. I have the 288-page landscape PDF downloaded on my computer. The basics are:

These results are for 1,911 total events.
Query Criteria:
Date Died: Dec. 2020 to Mar. 2021
Date of Onset: Dec. 2020 to Mar. 2021
Date Report Completed: Dec. 2020 to Mar. 2021
Date Report Received: Dec. 2020 to Mar. 2021
Date Vaccinated: Dec. 2020 to Mar. 2021
State / Territory: The United States
Vaccine Products: COVID19 VACCINE (COVID19)
Suggested Citation:
United States Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Public Health Service (PHS), Centers for Disease Control (CDC) / Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) 1990 - 3/26/2021, CDC WONDER On-line Database. Accessed at on Apr 3, 2021 3:39:10 PM

The CDC facts are that, from 12/2020 through 3/26/2021, 1,911 people died after having taken the new cold virus shot. The 288-page landscape PDF that I have parses out details. You can find the same details as I did. I did not read all 288 pages. I didn't want to take the time.

USSA cumulative total, as of 3/31/2021: the CDC COVID Data Tracker verifies the following new cold virus shot data:

Total doses: 158,662,022.
People who have had one dose: 102,502,483.
People who have full (2) doses: 58,362,945.

1,911 divided by 102,502,483 means that 0.001864345% of people, who had one dose, died due to the dose. The various types of shots are safe enough. The variance between 3/26/2021 to 3/31/2021 is only five days.

(Note only: the re-post that I cited above is based on VAERS data, on 3/14/2021, from the same CDC website that I checked, on 4/3/2021. The death total that I saw, on 4/3/2021, was higher than the 3/14/2021 article.)

My fact check of the initial, then removed, “Farcebook” fact check is confirmed. “Farcebook” removed their error correctly. “Farcebook” had to accept CDC VAERS data.

The Question

The question remains: to be shot or not to be shot? First, the risk is low, but the risk exists.

Another source (UPDATE: CDC Reports 1,637 Deaths Following COVID-19 Vaccinations, on The Epoch Times, by Celia Farber, 3/6/2021, updated 3/10/2021) has data from the CDC that compares the new cold virus shot fatality rate to the influenza shot fatality rate. They did some number crunching that I will not do again. You can read their number crunching. It is a good article that includes quite a bit of data and percentages.

An influenza shot could and has killed, in low percentages. (I have taken influenza shots over the last several years. I didn't take one at my last annual physical. My doctor and friend agreed that I did not need to do so.)

A new cold virus shot could and has killed, in slightly higher percentages than the influenza shot. The risk is low. I know folks, who have had their new cold virus shot (or shots). Aside from feeling a little puny, everyone I know has survived.

Second, the new cold virus cannot be forced upon a person – yet. We still have some freedom, in the USSA, don't we?

Finally, the answer, for me, is that I freely choose to not be shot. Am I a second class citizen of the USSA?

USSA New Cold Virus Passport

Yes, I am, or I will be soon. The socialists are driving the new cold virus passport agenda. If you want to be fairly free, you will need a new cold virus passport that verifies that you have had your shot (or shots). I found three articles, as proof. I list them, by title only, with each link. Each link has several details.

Coming Soon — Vaccine Passports Will Determine Where You Can Go and What You Can Do. The article was published on 3/29/2021.

The Biden administration is developing a national coronavirus 'vaccine-passport' program for Americans. The article was published on 3/29/2021.

Think Global Vaccine Passports Are Scary? Wait Until You See What’s Next. The article was published on 1/6/2021. (The socialists have been working on this a while.)


Mrs. Appalachian Irishman has had her two-round new cold virus series of shots. She felt sickly a day or two after the second shot. She has not grown that third ear – yet. She is a USSA first class citizen. She has her new cold virus shot card. That is her passport.

I will remain a second class citizen. Any government agency or business that refuses my reason for being there -- due to not having a cold virus passport -- will feel the educated and eloquent wrath of my glib Irish tongue. I can imagine, eventually, going to dine out together. The restaurant may refuse me, since I will be a second class citizen. My wife and I will eat there anyway – if they want to make some money. My logic and glib Irish tongue will win.

The USSA Socialists are forcing their control very quickly. The new cold virus passport is another tool that they are using to control the sheep. I have bull-headed herd immunity against their efforts. I STAND. Join me? Many of my readers STAND. Other readers may need to grow a backbone. I hope they do.

Thanks, friend, for re-posting an informative post. It inspired this article.

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