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LULA FRANK AMOS WOOD, 6/16/1901 - 8/12/1991 (published 6/26/2021)


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Too many days have passed, since 6/16/2021. I need to talk with Granny Wood. You are welcome to listen into my conversation.

Conversation with Granny Wood

Hi, Granny! I'm sorry that I didn't talk to you (in writing), on your birthday anniversary, on 6/16/2021. (I spoke to you in words many times on that day.) I can only imagine what Papaw Wood, Mom, Dad, uncle Bobby (Robert Allen Wood, 5/14/1939 - 1/18/1941), and so many others in the family, on both the Wood and Ferrell side, are doing now. It must be great! I can see, by my eyes of faith! My eyes of faith long to join y'all, to see everyone and to see what you all are seeing now! I'm on my way Home, Granny! I'll get there!

Do you remember the above photograph and writing your name and age on the back? The year was 1976. You were age 75. I was age 15 or 16. Papaw (Aby William Wood, 9/4/1901 – 3/14/1983) was age 74 or 75 . He liked to joke about having married an “older woman” – by less than three months! Mom (Betty Lou Wood Ferrell, 11/24/1932 - 12/28/2000) was 43 or 44. Dad (Earl H. Ferrell, 9/17/1927 - 1/25/2008) was 48 or 49.

Hey, Granny! I'm age 60 now. I'll be age 61 in less that a month! I'm getting up there! I always remember sitting in the beach chairs with you, in your front yard (in Bean Station, TN). We watched the clouds, and I guessed the shape of the clouds. Some looked like mountains, birds, bears, etc. We had fun! You taught me imagination. I still have that! I loved to spend a week in the summers with Papaw and you! I had educational fun, even if I didn't know that I was being educated at the time! I remember sitting beside Papaw and you at church (Calvary Baptist Church, Morristown, TN) on Sunday mornings. You always gave me clove chewing gum. Some years ago, I found a pack of the same gum. I have it stored in my chest of drawers! I remember enjoying hearing you sing and amen, under your breath, to the sermon. Papaw said his amens loudly.

Granny, my mind is filled with so many wonderful memories of birthday, holiday, family reunion, and other types of gatherings! As a boy, who grew into a young man, all those gatherings deepened the roots of my godly, family heritage! Thank you, Granny. I love you!

When you lived at the homeplace, after Papaw had passed, I was so glad to see you, on each visit! At Papaw's funeral visitation, I remember that you said, “He loved me so good.” As you know, I finished college, married, and moved to Missouri – after Papaw passed. My wife and I came to visit as often as we could.

When you passed on Home, on 8/12/1991, I was honored to conduct your funeral and graveside services. (I've visited the gravesite for Papaw and you many times, but not as often as I would like to do.) In part of my eulogy, I said, “Granny, your little Indian chief is coming home.” I had explained the time, while staying with Papaw and you one summer week, that I had decided to “run off.” I was in my early school age years. I had started walking away, down the road. You watched and said, “Come back, my little Indian chief!” Well, I did. I don't know why I'd decided to “run off.” I was glad to have returned!

Conversation Conclusion

Granny, your “little Indian chief” will come Home! It will take me a few years or decades. I'm getting there – step by step! By the way, Granny, did you know that I became a “bionic” man, on 3/29/2016? Well, that's a story that I will share with Papaw, Granny and Papaw Ferrell, Mom, Dad, you, and so many others – once I get home!

Your “little Indian chief” is signing off now. I enjoyed talking with you, Granny! I LOVE YOU! YOU WERE THE GREATEST GRANNY THAT I COULD HAVE EVER HAD!

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