Thursday, August 25, 2022



The “Worldviews in Conflict” section contains my public statements, of 6/7/2022, 6/26/2022, and 6/30/2022. You are welcome to read or re-read them now. I suggest that you do so.

This article is a brief note, regarding the significance of today, 8/25/2022, Thursday. The brevity does not indicate a lack of importance. “A word to the wise is sufficient,” as someone once said.

Tennessee “Trigger” Law Effective 8/25/2022

On 6/24/2022, the USSA “Supreme” Court agreed, correctly mostly, with God's Supreme Court. The articles in June of this year wrote about that landmark decision -- in the context of worldviews in conflict. States should not decide, if an unborn child has the right to life. God's Supreme Court has already decided that they do.

Consequently, Tennessee -- effective today, 8/25/2022 -- stands to protect the unborn children, who are in their mothers' wombs. The details are and have been on various news outlets. Of several, I chose one propaganda news network: “Tennessee 'trigger' law banning nearly all abortions goes into effect: The law makes providing an abortion a felony in the state.“ On, by Nadine El-Bawab, video by Jessie DiMartino, 8/25/2022. I didn't concern myself with their “murder the unborn babies” images. That is between God and them. God will judge them.


Amidst the ongoing moral decline, in this once great nation, the knowledge that unborn children, in the State of Tennessee, have the right to life -- which God had given them at the moment of conception -- is comforting.

Don't worry. I'll write more on “worldviews in conflict” -- to affirm the biblical worldview. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, however, is mashing potatoes. I'm hungry. I'm off here for now! Let's eat!

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