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STAGFLATION & MONEY TREE: “Engine Air Intake Hose” Story (published 8-28-2022; article #350)


A man might as well just laugh about it. What else can he do? After a while, it just becomes funny. Sometimes, it starts off funny and stays funny – sarcastically – such as this article.

This is a story about the “engine air intake hose,” in the context of Biden's stagflation economy and the money tree. Y'all might as well laugh with me! (Insert smiley face emoji here – if you “like” 👍 that type of silliness.)

The Story Begins

On Thursday morning, 8/25/2022, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman drove – alone, as the “new normal” – our 2012 Nissan Sentra to work. (My 6/15/2022 article mentioned our vehicle trade.) After arriving at work, she called to say that the “service engine soon” light was on. The car displayed no problems. Hum. What could it be? Our new, ol' car had checked out “A-OK,” mechanically, before and just after we got her.

At any rate, my wife made it home fine. I checked our new, ol' car to find nothing wrong. I'd already called the local Nissan dealership and service center, to arrange the next day appointment. (I plan to buy an inexpensive diagnostic tool, to see what “service engine soon” light means! It could save us money, if I can diagnose and repair myself.)

The High Dollar Engine Air Intake Hose

The next day, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman drove my new, ol' truck (2006 Nissan Frontier) to and from work. I asked how she liked driving my truck. She didn't comment much, but I saw her little grin, when she said that she had “done alright.” My truck didn't seem to mind. He rolled over to 186,000 miles on the trip.

Earlier that next day, I'd taken her car (2012 Nissan Sentra) to and from the Nissan shop. The appointment was at 10:30 AM. I arrived at 10:29 AM. I paid the bill at 12:20 PM. At least the part was in stock. So, I didn't have to get “favorite” sister-in-law (retired) to help or to pay for a one-day rental.

What part, you ask? I took the photograph, below, yesterday (8/27/2022).

Do you see the black flexible hose, with the piece that looks like a “walking stick handle” on top of it? (Clamps are on both ends of the hose.) That is an “Engine Air Intake Hose Part # 16576ET00A.” The old hose had a small crack in it. That crack had triggered the “service engine soon” light, on 8/25/2022.

What did that little part, plus labor, plus supplies, plus tax cost, you ask? Well, the following is from the bill (with my notes added, in bold italics).

     Engine Air Intake Hose Part # 16576ET00A  $102.35
     Labor (for about 1.5 hrs. work)                    $194.67
     Shop supplies (what supplies?)                     $27.25
     Tax                                                                   $29.99
     TOTAL                                                           $354.26

That relatively small part cost way too much! The labor was way too high! (The labor rate calculates to just over $125 an hour.) I'd like to have seen the shop supplies that cost $27.25. I might have wanted to keep what I bought. (Insert smiley face emoji here.)

Yesterday, I did some browsing, on the cost of that part. Nissan North America, Inc., in Franklin, Tennessee, shows the same cost - $102.35. Nissan Parts Deal, by Auto Parts Prime, Inc. – in South El Monte, California – shows the cost at $72.46. Wholesale Parts Express – in Lauderdale, Florida – shows the cost at $28.95. Now, $28.95 would have been very reasonable, but I wouldn't have waited, while the part shipped in from Florida.

On Thursday and Friday, I'd told the folks at the Nissan dealership and service center not to send texts to my cell phone. They did anyway. I did “STOP” replies. Their text, after the work was done, asked me “to provide feedback” on the service

So, yesterday morning, I checked to verify that the website was valid, and I provided my “feedback,” as follows.

8/26/2022: Sentra - Engine Air Intake Hose Part # 16576ET00A - $102.35 + $194.67 labor (about 1.5 hrs.) + $27.25 supplies + tax = $354.26. At least the part was in stock, and I didn't need to leave and return, to await service completion. Total time, from arrival to payment - 10:30 AM to 12:20 PM. Service was excellent. Cost for part + labor was too high. Sara fixed quickly, with no charge, the right front passenger window, which the driver's side main control couldn't roll up or down! Thanks, Sara! Service worked out. I've had service there before. Service is always excellent. Cost for parts and labor had been reasonable. That cost is now too high, in context of current stagflation. Three stars -- only due to high cost for parts and labor. I'll return, as needed. I hope that I don't have to do so for a long time!

Yes, the driver's side master, for the four side windows, would not roll up or down the right front passenger window. I'd tinkered with the master control. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had done so. Neither of us had any luck. I'd notice the minor problem, on our 6/4/2022 test drive.

Sara managed the service. Just before I paid, I'd indicated the problem and stated that we might come back, to have it checked. Sara went to our car and punched the various master control buttons – as we had done. Sara must have been “holding her mouth right,” as folks say around here! The driver's side master can lower and raise that window now! That's why Sara got my thanks!

Yes, as a man, I will admit when a woman does something mechanical that I couldn't do. It doesn't happen often. (Insert smiley face emoji here.) I hear you laughing!

Stagflation and Money Tree

Ol' man Webster (Merriam-Webster Dictionary) defines “stagflation” as “persistent inflation combined with stagnant consumer demand and relatively high unemployment.” Y'all know what that it. We're in it. A Forbes article, of two months ago, told us it was coming. See “Stagflation: Causes And When It Will Come,” by Bill Conerly, Senior Contributor, Forbes, 6/28/2022, 7:30 AM EDT.

My readers, who are old enough, remember the “good old days” of Jimmy Carter stagflation. Those “good old days” are back! (Insert smiley face sarcastic emoji here.)

At some point, I may write another article on the USSA Money Tree ($Tree). I searched my website by “Money Tree” and picked five articles to reference here. Four are from last year: 2/28/2021, 3/22/2021, 4/2/2021, 5/22/2021. One is last month: 7/27/2022.

Earlier this month (August 2022), the Democrat Socialists and Biden, the First President of the USSA, printed more Monopoly Money – on 8/16/2022 and 8/24/2022. For 8/16/2022, see “Biden signs $739 billion Inflation Reduction Act into law, slams GOP for voting against the tax, climate deal,” by Brooke Singman, Fox News, 8/16/2022, 4:16 PM EDT. For 8/24/2022, see “Forgiving $10,000 in student debt could cost the U.S. $300 billion,” on CBS News Money Watch, by Aimee Picchi, updated 8/24/2022, 5:47 PM.

That's a total of $1,039,000,000,000 ($1.039 trillion) in Monopoly Money – in one month! (Insert smiley face sarcastic emoji here.)

On 6/6/2022, D-Day anniversary, I'd noticed a viewer spike on my article of 2/24/2013, “'ELIMENTRY' LESSONS for the 'GUVERMINT EDUKATED, SO$IALIST' FOLK.” I'd wondered what had spiked views, in 2022, to an article I'd written over nine years ago. Who knows? I may publish an article or podcast that is similar to that one. You can too! Just find the facts, shave off eight zeros, and apply to a household budget – as my “Lesson #1” did, in my article of over nine years ago.


My “Engine Air Intake Hose” story, in this article, is one example – of billions (pardon the pun) – of Biden's stagflation economy. I don't blame Biden exclusively. From Trump, going farther back, the “guvermint” has been “borrowing from Peter to pay Paul,” for decades.

Pick either US Treasury Debt to the Penny, US Debt, USA Debt, or Worldometer United States National Debt – to see the USSA debt keep piling up. The spinning numbers on three of those websites will mesmerize you!

The USSA keeps spending itself into “Socialist Utopian Oblivion.” Don't worry! A man might as well just laugh about it. What else can he do – except write another article?

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