Friday, January 01, 2021

1/1/2021, New Year's Day Update


2020 did not provide 20/20 vision to this once great nation. Those of us with 20/20 vision know it. We have entered 2021. What will happen? God only knows. I'm glad of that. We can always live in hope . . . (Those of you who know me well can finish the sentence.)

The warm and rainy day was not hiking weather. Family and friends are “laying low,” in the context of the new cold virus. (I will not tempt myself to write more about Corona Myopia or Corona Myopia Psychosis. I see it in my rear view mirror only.)

Website Business Listings / My Book

I decided to work on my website and my book. I updated my website to add (right side) “Business Recommendations: upper east Knox County, TN.” You will find seven: three auto, one barber, one computer, and two medical. We must keep this economy going, if we can, in “these challenging times.” I am doing my part. If you live in the Knox County, Tennessee, area, I recommend highly each of these businesses to you.

I worked on photographs, the index, and the appendix to my book, which I hope to publish eventually. I need to write the conclusion. December 27, 2020, Sunday, was the twentieth anniversary of when Mom went “to see Jesus.” I have both enjoyed and been troubled by working on my book, which will be published in her honor and memory.

Rocks from House Mountain Hikes #125, #150, #175

In “these challenging times” of Corona Myopia Psychosis, as we watch the continuing fall of this nation, I have to have a little fun! I will explain the next photograph.

I am sitting in my home office, at my computer desk (not my work-from-home desk, which is to my right). I'll explain a few of the other items in a while.

First, I must draw your eyes to the three rocks. From left to right, the first rock is from my House Mountain hike #125 (pre-”bionic” days, on 10/18/2015). The middle rock is from my House Mountain hike #150 (“bionic” days, on 10/18/2018). (It looks a little bit like a swollen foot. That's why I picked it.) The biggest rock is from my House Mountain hike #175 (on 12/30/2020). I have my House Mountain hike #100 rock on a wooden plaque.

Are you interested in the other items? The empty box of Irish Spring soap is self-explanatory. The empty Sun Drop can is because I drink one ever few months. The happy guy in the middle is from Russia. The CD is by the True Light Quartet. My uncle Paul Ferrell sang bass in that gospel quartet many years. I listen to it at times. I honor uncle Paul. My new desktop computer (by Data Tech 11) is below my desk. (The monitor shows that it is serving me very well.)


At least my Georgia Bulldogs managed to win their bowl game, at the very end. What has happened to the “Vowels” all these years?

These are my highlights at twilight. God, please bless us each with a good 2021. We need it. Thank you for your finished work in our salvation. Amen.

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