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At 5:38 PM, on 1/30/2021, Saturday, I begin to write. Didn't you love the clouds today? What about that snow that fell a few minutes, before it turned to rain? Those were great! It was wonderful hiking weather. I joke, of course.

I'll have another article tomorrow, probably. It will have more commentary, on several topics. Until then, I thought that you might enjoy this brief article, just for fun!

My 12/29/2020 Annual Physical

I had mentioned my annual physical, in the 12/29/2020 article. I hope that my good personal care physician (PCP), who is a friend, and his wife decide to hike House Mountain with me soon! It's up to him. He knows that he may call me at any time!

The following is my financial commentary, on my 12/29/2020 annual physical. It is not pretty.

MARION'S 12/29/2020 (Tuesday, 8:15 AM) ANNUAL PHYSICAL

12/29/2020: I paid the $25.00 copay, by check.
1/09/2021, Sat., rcvd. BCBS EOB: $520.00 billed - $289.29 BCBS discount = $203.72 BCBS paid.
1/16/2021, Sat., rcvd. BCBS EOB: $412.54 billed - $378.19 BCBS discount =   $34.35 BCBS paid.
1/30/2021, Sat., rcvd. BCBS EOB:   $75.00 billed -   $63.65 BCBS discount =   $11.35 BCBS paid.

The calculation is: $1,007.54 grand total billed - $731.13 BCBS discounts = $276.41 balance due to my PCP - $249.42 BCBS paid - $25.00 I paid by check = $1.99 balance due to my PCP.

I wonder if my good PCP and friend will send me a bill for $1.99?


My doctor and friend does well. He is an old fashioned doctor. He listens. He hears. He does the type of checks that doctors used to do years ago. (Many don't do those checks now.) He still has to play the “modern insurance game,” which is insanity, as I see it.

My doctor and I both know that an annual physical should not cost $1,007.54. We both know that $274.42, which he was paid ($249.42 BCBS paid plus $25.00 I paid), is too much. An annual physical should not cost more than about $50.00. I see how much was charged for every little detail. For example, the audiology (my hearing check) charge was $75.00. BCBS discounted $55.14. BCBS paid my PCP $17.87. I was there. I know. The young, female assistant checked my hearing. It took her about 30 seconds. She was surprised when I could hear the tone that a human was not supposed to hear. I had some fun. Thirty seconds of work, by the assistant, earned my PCP $17.87. You can figure the hourly pay rate, if you want to do so.

At 6:01 PM, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman stated, “Alright, it's ready.” Okay, I'll stop. It's supper time, y'all!

Look for another article tomorrow – especially if the weather hinders my hike.

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