Monday, January 18, 2021

CDC ACTUAL NUMBERS 2019 & 2020 (published 1-18-2021)


On 1/18/2021, Monday, I needed to publish this follow up, to my 1/17/2021 article.

The following is the website official information. The data is for the “United States.” The exact source is Weekly Death Counts by State. I selected “Jurisdiction” “United States.” That gave me 105 rows. The rows included weekly totals from 1/5/2019 through 1/2/2021. (You can do the same.)

The Data with My Notes

2019: 52 weeks, from week ending 1/5/2019 to week ending 12/28/2019.

– Total deaths by all causes 2,852,609. (My note: the various causes are parsed out on the website. I downloaded the complete data from the website. I have it.)

– Deaths by COVID-19 Multiple Cause 0 (none).

– Deaths by COVID-19 Underlying Cause 0 (none).

My note: 54,857(.865) average deaths per week.

2020 53 weeks, from week ending 1/4/2020 to week ending 1/2/2021.

Total deaths by all causes 3,258,883. (My note: 406,274 more total deaths in 53-week 2020 than in 52-week 2019.)

– Deaths by COVID-19 Multiple Cause 327,847.

– Deaths by COVID-19 Underlying Cause 299,962.

My notes:

61,488(.3584905) average deaths per week. That is 6,631 more weekly than 2019, with rounding.

6,185(.79245283) COVID-19 multiple cause deaths per week. (This is 10(.060103415)% of total 2020 deaths. COVID-19 is not the main cause of death. The deceased had tested positive for COVID-19, but it was not the main cause of death.)

5,659(.66037735) COVID-19 underlying cause deaths per week. (This is 9(.204442135)% of total deaths. COVID-19 was the main cause of death.)


I wrote yesterday:

USA 2021 total deaths (as of 1/17/21, about 2 PM): 130,145 not by COVID-19 + 49,919 by COVID-19 = 180,064 total deaths. That means 27.7% of all 2021 USA deaths have been due to COVID-19 – that is, if you believe the counts. I am skeptical.

Today, I remain skeptical. The CDC verifies 9% (rounded) of total 2020 deaths was by COVID-19 as the main cause, as today's article verified. I repeat, for emphasis: today, I remain skeptical, of the 2021 COVID-19 numbers.

Heart disease:

– In 2019, was an annual cause of “United States” deaths. The 2019 52-week total was 658,761. That was 23(.093280572)% of all 2019 deaths.

– In 2020, was an annual cause of “United States” deaths. The 2020 53-week total was 675,068. That was 20(.714705007)% of all 2020 deaths.

We, as a once great nation, had better start focusing our myopic obsession on heart disease. I suggest it now.

I hope that this short entry helps my readers. It should help you remove your Corona Myopia, to see clearly, if you haven't done so already. Mainly, it should give you “ammunition,” to help the still Corona Myopic (i.e., family, friends, etc.), to see clearly.

The socialist media propagandists will not place the new cold virus in context. I have done it for them, again, in this article. We must treat this new cold virus as seriously as we would any cold virus. It is a serious new cold virus. We should not continue to be so Corona Myopic, as we are, in this once great nation. “Mask mafia,” will you read this? Will you become educated? I doubt it.


KJ Cookies said...

Thanks so much for putting this all into perspective.

M. Fearghail said...

You are welcome, my dear friend. We didn't know, in the early 1980's, what life would be now, but here we are! You are welcome to share my articles widely. We work together to remove the Corona Myopia Psychosis, which is obsessing this once great nation! Thank you!