Sunday, January 24, 2021

MY MOTHER'S BIRTHDAY, 1/21/2021, AT AGE 91 (published 1-24-2021)


My Mom is Betty Lou Wood Ferrell (11/24/1932 – 12/27/2000). She is my biological mother. She was the finest Christian example that I have ever known. I have known many fine examples.

My Mother's Birthday

My wife and I lived in Charleston, Missouri, from 1986 to 1992. I have written about it. I moved to Charleston, in January. We married, on 5/16/1986. I was an engaged but still single “preacher boy,” for those first four months. I could cook well enough to keep me from starving. My new family, in Charleston, kept me alive, by feeding me well! I didn't have my plate broken! (That is a family joke. If you are family, you know it.)

My Charleston family started, in January. We are not related biologically. We are related spiritually. They are my family. We “adopted” each other!

I always called Mom “Mom.” I did not call her “mother.” My sister calls her mother “Mother.” My sister's Mama was and still is her mother's mother. You would have to know them and me well, to understand. I understand perfectly. I call my mother “Mother.” (She is my second mother.)

My sister and I have a “Mother.” She is Ozella Scott. She was born on 1/21/1932. She attained the age of 91, on 1/21/2021. I am in east Tennessee. My Mother and sister are in Missouri. I could not see them in person, sadly.

After work (at office), I called my sister's phone. She answered. I spoke with our Mother and with my sister. We had several long minutes of wonderful conversation! I love my Mother. I love my sister. They love me. We are family. I am glad to know that they are doing as well as they can. We each have Irish roots, primarily. Our glib Irish tongues, inspired by God's grace, waxed wonderfully well.

My Mother, Ozella Scott, is also the finest Christian example that I have ever known. (I can have two, my Mom and my Mother. They are equally the finest!)


The best that I could do was to find two photographs. The first, below, is Charleston, Missouri, main street. I remember.

The next is the Charleston Church of Christ, where I served as minister, from January 1986 through about August 1992. The six years there were wonderful. As a “young preacher boy,” I grew and matured greatly. I had help from my family there. Our time there helped prepare us for Russia (1994 through 1999).

The building looks about the same now. The church, however, is not the building. It is the people. Hey, Mother and sister, tell the church that I said hello! I remember. I still love them!


Isn't this a better article than my first one today? We must keep this temporal life in the perspective of everlasting life. If we do, then we endure. If we don't, then I don't know how those folks endure. I endure, day by day, by God's grace – in assured hope of everlasting life at Home.

My Mom is at Home. Dad is at Home. Many others are Home. Until I get Home, I will continue to try to be one poor beggar who helps another poor beggar find Bread – the Bread of Life.

If you need Bread, my e-mail address is on my website. E-mail me! I can help you!


Unknown said...

Your Mother was able to read your old article just now. It made both of us happy Baby Brother. She's not doing well, and every day I think it will be time to ask you to come home for her. If you can't, I will understand, but hopefully you will be able to send her home like you did our Momma. Love you.

Big Sister said...

Your mother was just now able to read your old article. It made both of us happy. Hopefully you will be able to send her home like you did Mamma, but if you can't I will understand. I love you Baby Brother.

M. Fearghail said...

Howdy, Sis.! I'm glad to “see” you here! Please tell our Mother that I love her! I love you to, sis.! My wife loves y'all too. Please tell all our family in Missouri that my wife and I love them. The birthday of my niece and nephew, your daughter and son, are next week, as you know, on the 14th and 16th. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman (Belinda) and I are both sad and happy, to hear that our Mother may be nearing the end of her temporal journey, so that she can go Home. She may reach Home before we do. The sorrow will be in the temporal loss. The joy will be in knowing that she will be Home. May God's grace bless each of you in Missouri! Please call any time! If I don't hear from you before next Wednesday (the 14th), then I plan to call you on that date. – Your loving brother, Marion William Ferrell (aka M. Fearghail).