Sunday, January 17, 2021

SHOT DOWN BY A BLAZE OF CORONY (published 1/17/2021)


Once again, the weekend weather pattern forestalled any hiking, unless it had been another muddy hike. Yesterday, 1/16/2021, Saturday, the weather was snowy, cloudy, snowy with sun, and windy – in various stages. Today, we have clouds and wind. The ground is muddy.

I will, therefore, exercise my brain. I will place color on this blank canvas.

Blaze of Corony

My youngest brother, his family, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, and I were “shot down by a blaze of corony” today. While my brother and I talked by phone, Bon Jovi's song "Blaze of Glory" came to my fertile mind, in my futility. My personality improvised the title to fit the situation. We were “shot down by a blaze of corony” – unfortunately, but only temporarily.

No one in the Fearghail clan has the corony, unless one of us does, with no symptoms. I will not go into the details. “Out of an abundance of caution” – as the phrase of choice is “in these challenging times” – we decided to delay our family get together that we had planned for this afternoon. We're all becoming very tired of this “new normal.” Aren't you?

Our clan gathering is delayed, but we will adapt, improvise, and overcome. It may take us a week or two. We will do it. The stubborn Irish is in us.

Rant by Topic

Since the Fearghail clan gathering is delayed, and the weather declined my strong desire to get into the woods, I have decided to rant. The following rants are by topic. I hope that you enjoy them. I did not. This writing, however, gets them out of my system!

USSA: I must revise slightly my most recent article. It is not the “United Socialist States of America.” It is the Ununited Socialist States of America” (USSA). Ununited is a valid word, but it is not pleasant to the ear. Either “not united” or “divided” would be better. I wanted to keep the letter “U.”

Many “Republi-cantsare yellow (i.e., cowards). The majority of “Demo-rats” are red (i.e., socialist). The moral backbone and biblically constitutional values are almost gone, from the “leadership,” of this once great nation. A minority still stands. Many, of “we the people,” still hold dearly, to those values. We, apparently, are now the minority. The “vote early and often” gang has won.

Forget July the 4th, Independence Day. (The year was 1776, for future readers – uneducated, by the socialist agenda, in USA history -- who may find this article.) Sadly, the many men and women, who suffered and died, for USA freedom, are a fading memory.

Independence Day for the USSA is 1/6/2021, or January the 6th, annually. The socialist propagandists will change the date and the name of this once great nation. Mark this article date. I predict the change will happen. Just give it time.

Healthcare (i.e., illness insurance): I have done the math before. I did it again. My health insurance costs $698 monthly. I pay $140 monthly, or 25%. My employer pays the other 75% for me. I should be pleased. I am not.

$140 a month should be enough for one person, not $698 a month! I have calculated that the unreasonable price of healthcare costs me 15.3%, of what my annual gross income should be. In other words, I make 15.3% less annual gross, because of the inflated cost of healthcare.

Of course, the coming socialist “utopia” will provide “free healthcare to all.” If you believe that lie, then you must also believe that pigs can fly!

Corona Myopia Psychosis: I checked the websites that I have used, for data in my 2020 articles, on this sad topic. The websites are: Indexmundi USA deaths -- not including COVID-19 deaths, Indexmundi USA COVID-19 only deaths, and Tennessee's COVID-19 website.

I will not parse out my calculations. You can check the websites and do the same math. The website data, if you can believe it, indicates the following:

USA 2021 total deaths (as of 1/17/2021, about 2 PM): 130,145 not by COVID-19 + 49,919 by COVID-19 = 180,064 total deaths. That means 27.7%, of all 2021 USA deaths, have been due to COVID-19 – that is, if you believe the counts. I am skeptical. Of course, the mask wearing and physical distancing, with the economic and mental damage tossed in, do not appear to be “slowing the spread” of this new cold virus.

Tennessee 2021 total deaths (as of 1/17/2021, about 2 PM): 3,088 not by COVID-19 + 1,448 by COVID-19 = 4,536 total deaths. That means 32%, of all 2021 TN deaths, have been due to COVID-19. The other 68% have been due to other reasons. I still recall the news, about the man who died of a gun shot wound. The autopsy tested positive for COVID-19. Death was listed as COVID-19. The gun shot wound had nothing to do with his death, apparently.

Is this the dark ages? I hear the funeral morticians in our area. They drive around in large box trucks. They call out, “bring out your dead; bring out your dead!” That is how it was, during the black plague, in the dark ages. The same is happening now. Do you not hear their cries, “bring out your dead; bring out your dead?”

I do not diminish the illnesses and deaths that occur legitimately, by the new cold virus. I know one neighbor and one friend, both of whom had the virus. Both had short hospitalizations. Both are well again. I know some, who tested positive with no symptoms. I know some, who tested positive and felt a mild cold a few days. If 32%, of all 2021 deaths, in Tennessee, are by the new cold virus, then I wonder why I don't know of any more than two people, who recovered from it, and none, who died from it. The odds are that I should be aware of many, who died by the new cold virus.

The media state only the number of deaths, by this new cold virus. The names and details are hidden. I understand privacy. My point remains valid. Thirty-two percent of 2021 deaths, in Tennessee, by the new cold virus, in the mind of this skeptic, appears inflated, suspiciously.


Yes, I know that this article was not fun to read. I didn't enjoy writing it. I had to write it. The writing helps me overcome my Corona Myopia Psychosis (which everyone has). The Fearghail clan was “shot down by a blaze of Corony” today. We will not stay down. We will rise again.

Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I am off work, for the holiday. A planned article, for tomorrow, is in my mind today. It will be a better one. Please wait for it!

Thanks, y'all, for stopping by, to drink some coffee with me and to read a while. At 5:36 PM, this website's view statistics were: all time 76,281; today 182 (so far); yesterday 224; this month 5,435 (so far), and last month 8,935. Thanks, also, for guiding other folks to this website. We are doing our best to stand, as free people, in a once free and great nation! Who knows? We could turn around the upcoming fall, before it happens. We will see.

As the clock gets close to 9:50 PM, I am posting this article today, finally. I had to finish it today. My article tomorrow will help you understand why.

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