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MOTHER’S DAY 20th, HOUSE MT. #170, SEMI-FREE MAN, & CLEARING CORONA MYOPIA (published 5-10-2020)


Hello, to everyone out there in Interweb land!

Mother’s Day 20th

I hope that you are having a great Mother’s Day, are surviving Mother’s Day, or are enjoying being pensive on Mother’s Day.

This Mother’s Day marks two decades, since my brothers and I were last able to celebrate with Mom. Mom “went to see Jesus” on 12/27/2000. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and her family are on year three, since my mother-in-law passed. It gets easier, dear. I know. By the way, my Mother's Day, 5/14/2017, article was an important day to me.

 House Mt. #170

Since I have power in my body, what else could I do, on a fine, cool enough, and clear Mother’s Day? I attained House Mountain hike #170, for my grandmothers (Molly Gertrude Archer Ferrell, Lula Frank Amos Wood), my mother (Betty Lou Wood Ferrell), and my mother-in-law (Phyllis Ann House Gordon).

This is another, usual, photo from the west bluff, looking east. I touched my rock, to check my time, at 34 minutes, again. This must be my “bionic” “new normal” (pun intended). I did not count the number of people and groups that were there or that arrived there. I haven’t seen that number of folks at the same time, on the west bluff, in a while! Good! I conversed with several. Many folks were just outside the range of my phone camera on this photo.

I waited until I had a moment of solitude, to take this photo, on the same west bluff area, but looking west this time. In the now vacant area, several folks in groups had been enjoying the day on a ridge!

Yes, you know my new, ol' 2006 Nissan Frontier. He still wants to have his photo taken! Thursday, 4/16/2020, was the last Synergy Auto Wash, where fine folks do hand washes, that my truck has needed, aside from a “country boy” hand wash, when a little rain got us, while hauling trash, on Saturday, 4/25/2020. To work from home means that I walk five seconds to my home office. My new ol' truck doesn’t need to endure the weather. He’s happy!

Semi-Free Man

As a free man, in a once free country, I feel as if I have become “semi-free.” Why?

Yesterday, the folks at my every-four-week deep tissue massage had re-opened, after the ‘govrmint’ had closed them illegally. They had postponed my 4/11/2020 massage, due to forced and illegal closure. Yesterday, I was able to get my eleventh massage, finally. (I had signed up on the one-year plan, on Friday, 7/5/2019. My still recovering muscles have been showing improvement.) Of course, I knew that they would force a mask on me when I arrived. I didn’t know that they would take my temperature, force me to wash my hands, sanitize my hands, and sanitize my hands again, after the massage! It was insanity, of course. I did it all, since I wanted a massage. How many others have been in need of “elective” surgeries, medical appointments, therapy appointments, etc.? I am just one of many.

After my massage, I went on a stealth mission (for Mrs. Appalachian Irishman). You will find out more, in my next article! While on that mission, I happened to notice that my good barber had his open sign lighted! Good! I parked and walked to the locked door and knocked. He was just finishing his current appointment. He’s following the illegal “executive order” that “allowed” him to be a free barber, in a once free country.

Thus, on a fine, sunny day, I dropped the tailgate of my new ol' truck and relaxed a few minutes! (The barber shop is not visible, to the left.) It is, apparently, still illegal to wait in the barber shop, for your turn. I had not called ahead to book an appointment. I had happened to be driving by to see my barber open. My barber closes at 2 PM, on Saturdays. I had arrived about 1:45 PM. He finished his current appointment and then he “worked me in” for a fine haircut!

I have become a semi-free man in a once free nation!

Clearing Corona Myopia

While I was out and about yesterday, as a semi-free man, I learned, from a very credible source, that the State of Kentucky will fine a resident for not wearing a mask – even if a person is mowing his or her own yard, on his or her own property! It’s insanity, of course!

My credible source told me that she was mowing the family yard, on family owned property, on 5/2/2020, Saturday. She was not wearing a mask. She, apparently, was engaged in an illegal act! An officer saw her. The officer gave her a $500 ticket. Her court date is on 7/1/2020, Wednesday, which is three days before Independence Day. The story drips with irony. My credible source will stand in court to defend her rights, as a free human being. She will win.

Via “As state works to reopen economy, 37,000 Tennesseans filed unemployment claims last week, lowest since March,” on Nashville Tennessean, by Cassandra Stephenson, published/updated 5/7/2020, here are five quotes (with my red added for emphasis).

. . . economists expect April's jobs report, which will be released Friday, will be the worst on record with an estimated unemployment spike of between 15 and 20%.

The onslaught of claims has overwhelmed the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

. . . Tennessee stands to lose an estimated $5 billion to pandemic-related closures this year . . . .

On April 27, restaurants in most counties were allowed to resume serving dine-in customers at half capacity. Retail stores and gyms were also allowed to open with reduced capacity last week. (Notice “allowed.”)

Salons, barber shops, nail spas and massage therapy services were permitted to re-open Wednesday at 50% capacity, with strict guidelines to accommodate social distancing and maintain the use of protective face coverings, among other things. (Notice “permitted.” Apparently, this is how I have become a semi-free man.)

As of 5/10/2020, 6:47 PM, via TN Department of Health, Epidemiology and Surveillance Data:

    Tennessee – 243 total deaths.
    Knox County – 5 deaths.
    Shelby County – has had 68 deaths, the highest in
      any county.
    Most counties – deaths are single digit (0 to 9).
    Many counties have had zero deaths.
    By far, the majority of deaths are in the age 61 and
      over population.

The website has much more information.

I target shoot. A person must have good vision to target shoot. I have hunted. A hunter knows that you don’t use a shotgun to hunt a squirrel. You use a small caliber rifle.

The ‘guvrmint’ folks are not good hunters. They have used a shotgun to kill a squirrel. They MUST clear their Corona Myopic vision, by using a rifle, in a constitutionally correct manner, to kill COVID-19, not the state economy.


I have cleaned my verbal weapon for now. I feel better. Don’t you?

Tune in again for more information on my stealth mission of yesterday!

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