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10/16/2021 CRACKER BARREL “BRUNCH” REVIEW (written 10/23/2021; published 10/24/2021)


My 10/17/2021 article – “SATURDAY, 10/16/2021: USPS EMAIL - DAD IS GETTING JUNK MAIL HERE TODAY!” (published 10/17/2021) – had mentioned that I would write more about the “brunch” that Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I had with a good friend (JC), the day before, at a nearby Cracker Barrel restaurant.

Since my Georgia Bulldogs have an open date, on a college football Saturday, I will write more about our 10/16/2021 “brunch.” This is the first article of my trifecta.

The Brunch Conversation

The last time that my good friend and we had visited in person was on 1/20/2020, Monday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The “global pandemic” (a redundancy that I've heard folks on TV state) was in its infancy. Corony Myopia Psychosis hadn't started yet.

On 10/16/2021, my friend was already waiting inside the restaurant. He had arrived earlier. We arrived at 9:59 AM, a minute early.

I wore my Georgia football T-shirt that I'd worn for Rogersville Heritage Days. See my ROGERSVILLE HERITAGE DAYS, SUNDAY, 10/10/2021, article. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman wore a PINK Tennessee Vols (or “Vowels,” as I call them) T-shirt! I know the colors of the TN “Vowels!” PINK is NOT included! We were a husband and wife divided, by SEC college football!

Before entering, I enjoyed a humorous conversation with a couple, who were decked out in their TN “Vowel” attire. Once inside, having met JC and before we were seated, another man and I engaged in “Vowel Nation” verses “Dawg Nation” humor.

I'm sorry, “Vowel” athletic supporters. I don't have that many more decades left – to wait in hope that the “Vowels” will become a good college football team again. Saturdays are more enjoyable as a “Dawg” follower! (I don't use “fan.” “Fan” is short for fanatic. A fanatic is someone who is extremely or overly enthusiastic about an interest or activity.) I just like “them Dawgs!” I would rather see the “Vowels” win than lose, unless they are playing my Dawgs!

The art of entertaining, pithy, humorous, serious, and deep conversation is almost lost – except for those who retain or learn the ability. Those who are intelligent, well-informed, well-educated, and of gifted personality understand what I mean. Of course, the dumbing down of America has been going on a few decades. My Irish gift of gab (or blarney) has always enjoyed a good conversation – well, since I overcame my shy stage finally, as a junior in high school.

The weather outside was warm, cloudy, and rainy. The conversational weather inside was warm and bright! “Brunch” lasted about two hours. Folks began to arrive for dinner (or lunch, as the Yankees call it).

We may have dropped a fork or two on a plate, but we never dropped the conversation! The three of us conversed on a variety of topics, with intellectual humor and sarcasm, such as on: “poly-tics” (i.e., many blood suckers), the transition of the USA into the USSA (on 1/6/2021), education in socialist schools (Mrs. Appalachian's topic of vivid vocality), economics, history, meteorology, sports, theology, and our “lives, such as they are.”

My friend and we hope that another year or so doesn't go by, until we meet in person again. My friend sends his email commentaries on various topics to several, including me. We exchange emails at times. We do keep in touch.

I have to wind down this first of my trifecta, on SEC football. The following are from the documents that I had created at the start of the season, updated weekly.

2021 GA Bulldog Football Schedule

(GEORGIA was #5 preseason AP & Coaches)

09/04/21 Sat. Clemson (#3 AP, #2 coaches)     W 10 - 3!

  Charlotte, NC 7:30P. Georgia became #2 AP/Coaches!

09/11/21 Sat. 3:30P  Home   UAB                     W 56 - 7

09/18/21 Sat. 7P       Home   South Carolina    W 40 -13

09/25/21 Sat. 12P     Away   Vanderbilt             W 62 - 0

10/02/21 Sat. 12P     Home   Arkansas (#8)      W 37 - 0

10/09/21 Sat. 3:30P  Away   Auburn (#18)        W 34 - 10

     NOTE: unranked TX A&M beat was #1 Alabama

        41 - 38, SO GEORGIA BULLDOGS ranked

        #1 on 10/10/2021!

10/16/21 Sat. 3:30P  Home   Kentucky (#11)  W 30 - 13

10/23/21 Sat. OPEN DATE (same date TN “Vowels” were stopped by AL Elephants)*

* Note: I had written this on 10/16/21, by my prophetic certitude!

 2021 TN “Vowels” Football Schedule – if you are interested

Coach carousel is Josh Heupel (“He Fell”) now, for a while, as long as he lasts.

09/02/21 Thu.    home    Bowling Green     W 38 - 6

09/11/21 Sat.     home    Pittsburgh            L 34 - 41

09/18/21 Sat.     home    Tennessee Tech  W 56 - 0

09/25/21 Sat.     away    Florida (11)          L 14 - 38

10/02/21 Sat.     away    Missouri               W 62 - 24

10/09/21 Sat.    home    South Carolina     W 45 - 20

10/16/21 Sat.    home    Ole Miss (13)      L 26 - 31 (7:30P)

10/23/21 Sat.    away    Alabama (5)

The three of us had to have “brunch,” on 10/16/21. I had to get back home, to watch my Dawgs (#1 in the nation) beat the Kentucky “Wild Kitties” (#11 in the nation). That was fun to watch! I watched some of the TN “Vowel” game against Ole Miss. I regret how my TN “Vowel” friends felt. I had hoped, in passing interest, that the “Vowels” could win. Some “fans” tarnished the reputation of the University of Tennessee, by tossing various items onto the field, near the end of the game. I had been watching Star Trek, original series, at the time, so I missed that childish drama.

My Georgia Dawgs took Saturday off. I will regret to learn, by how many points the Alabama “Elephants” stomped the TN “Vowels.” I may watch some of the game.

10/24/2021 update: the final score, last evening, was TN “Vowels” 24, Alabama “Elephants” 52. I updated my 2021 TN “Vowels” Football Schedule document. Football is played in four quarters – not one quarter, unfortunately for the TN “Vowels.” The “Vowels” won the first quarter, 14 to 7. The “Vowels” lost, by an exact double stomp. (I use the definition of “stomp” that my friend, JC, created: a stomp is a loss by 14 points. So, a double-stomp is a loss by 28 points – such as TN 24, AL 52.


On 10/23/2021, I wondered when Mrs. Appalachian Irishman would get home. It was 4:42 PM, as I typed this sentence. Oh, wait! I heard the car!

I'll move on the the second of my trifecta. Y'all take it easy out there!

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