Monday, October 04, 2021

“FARCEBOOK” IS DOWN; I AM STILL UP! (published 10/4/2021)

Source: Image via Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images, as shown on, “Facebook Is Down, as Are Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp: The websites and apps for all four Facebook products were not available on the morning of Oct. 4.” On Snopes, by Jordan Liles, 10/4/2021.


Well, at about 5:30 PM, on 10/4/2021, I thought that I would check my “Farcebook” account. I have several known friends and family there. I like to check on them, since we don't talk by phone much. It's the “new normal,” apparently.

Family and friends used to talk by phone or in person, decades ago. I, however, digress.


Reuters wrote about it on 10/4/2021, at 4:51 PM EDT. wrote about it sometime today.

Fox Business wrote about it a few minutes ago. (Published 13 minutes ago, as of 5:50 PM, 10/4/2021). Well, I trust Fox.

Appalachian Irishman IS STILL UP PROOF

Well, just click the link in the subject line of this section, for proof. I own my website. I do not use “Farcebook,” except to draw readers to my website and to see what family and friends post – since we don't call each other – as we should.


Y'all do the best that you can without “Farcebook.” Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, Molly doggy, and I will. Hey! Molly doggy got to come upstairs to “see the man,” while I worked at home today! I was trying to get through the annual “Obamacare” training waste of time, sadly. Molly was and still is sad. I guess that Molly plays off my emotions.

I'll help Molly soon! We can go outside and play “doggys” a while, before supper! In the mean time, I hope the rest of y'all do well enough, not having your own website, as you endure the “Farcebook” outage!

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