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Howdy, y'all! This is the first of three “shotgun blast” articles today -- on a too warm, cloudy, and humid Saturday, 10/2/2021. It's in the context of “life, such as it is.”

We have a few minor jobs that need to be done around here. I wonder if the man, whom I met today, will get the job done, to be paid well. We will see. Wasn't this weeks' work insanity enough? I agree.

It's was football time for Georgia Bulldogs fans -- at 12 PM. It was football time for Tennessee “Vowels” fans also -- at 12 PM. The unranked Tennessee “Vowels” beat the unranked Missouri “Kitty Cats” 62 to 24. I was surprised that the “Vowels” didn't lose. Well, that's good. The latest TN “Vowels” coach -- in the coach carousel, whom I have nicknamed “He Fell” -- seems do be doing okay -- finally.

My Georgia Bulldogs (#2) beat those Arkansas “Hogs” (#8) 37 to 0. That was a great game! I watched or listened to most of it -- as I did the usual chores and started working on my three articles today. Go 'Dawds! (Molly, our ol' puppy, is happy also.) That's the way the #2 team shows the #8 team its place! The Georgia Bulldogs (#2) are hungry for the (#1) Alabama “Elephants.” I think this is the year that my 'Dawgs destroy the “Elephants.” We will see.

Let's get this first of three articles written! Shall we? We shall!

Knox County Schools Mask Mandate

I will not bore you with the mundane details. If you are interested, two website sources involve some Greene County Tennessee judge (J. Ronnie Greer, Senior United States District Judge, United States District Court, Eastern District of Tennessee), who should have retired by now, his forced mask mandate in public schools (United States District Court, Eastern District of Tennessee at Knoxville, Case 3:21-cv-00317-JRG-DCP, Document 35, Filed 09/24/2021), the Knox County “socialist” (i.e., public) School District's response, and the still free folks, in a once free and great nation.

The local TV media (“New Knox County Schools mask mandate brings tension among parents,” on WATE TV, by Lexi Spivak, 9/28/2021), the local newspaper (“Return after mask mandate goes smoothly at Knox County Schools with few protests,” on Knoxville News Sentinel, by Isabel Lohman, 9/28/2021), and the national media (“Two federal judges rule local Tennessee school districts can mandate masks,” on The Hill, by Celine Castronuovo, 9/25/2021) have made hay with this insanity.

Protesters voice their opposition to a federal judge's mask mandate on the corner of Kingston Pike and West End Avenue in Farragut. Calvin Mattheis/News Sentinel.” (in “Return after mask mandate goes smoothly at Knox County Schools with few protests,” Knoxville News Sentinel, by Isabel Lohman, 9/28/2021).

9/30/2021 and 10/1/2021 (Thursday and Friday)

On Thursday and Friday, I had the “great honor” to drive the 16.4 miles one way, to the “Hadean Realm” office -- to do the same work that I had done at home Monday through Wednesday. The heat/air temperature was set better, at least.

Driving to work, both days, I saw the free people -- in a once free and great nation -- who protested the illegal and unconstitutional “mask mandate” in Knox County schools. Several were on the sidewalk at the entrance to the new grade school. They were holding the usual signs. I waved at them. They were doing the best that they could. I wish that the “local yokel” media had a photograph of them. I was driving, so I couldn't take a photograph.


Well, this is the first of the three “shotgun” articles today. I'm glad that Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I do not have school-aged children, in the Knox County school system. If we did, I would be far more vocal -- in defense of our freedom, in a once free and great nation.

How can some Greene County Tennessee judge act so foolishly? Doesn't he have any constitutional or common sense? He should have retired years ago.

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