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10/30/2021, SATURDAY, HUMOR: DOTHAN, ALABAMA, OR DOTHAN, PALESTINE? (published 10/30/2021; updated 10/31/2021)


On this rainy Saturday, I am listening (Interweb radio) and watching (TV) my Georgia Bulldogs whip up on those Florida Gators! My prophetic certitude predicts a win. Wait for it!

The Tennessee Vols (Vowels, as I call them) have an open date today. They should win it.

Dothan, Alabama

The Big Show, with John Boy and Billy, have episodes that involve Dothan, Alabama. Ricky B. Sharpe is involved usually. For decades, I had assumed, incorrectly, that Dothan, Alabama, was an imaginary town – as Ricky B. Sharpe is an imaginary person, on the Play House. You know what happens when you assume – as I had assumed. (Insert your favorite “emoji” here. I don't use them. I “see” you laughing! I parsed out the meaning of “emoji” in my 5/9/2021 Mother's Day article.)

Dothan, Alabama, is a real town! It is called the “Peanut Capital of Alabama.” It hosts the annual autumn “National Peanut Festival.” Reference: Alabama Tourism Department, Sweet Home Alabama, Dothan.

Dothan Alabama's name was inspired, somehow, by the biblical verse in Genesis 37:17. The context is when Joseph's brothers sold him into slavery. Joseph had asked a man if he had seen his brothers. The man replied, “I heard them say, ‘Let’s go to Dothan’” (NIV). Reference: Visit Dothan, A City with a Rich History.

I wonder why John Boy and Billy decided to use that town, for their radio program skits. Maybe they will tell me! I will email The Big Show ( with a reference to this article. If they reply, I will let you know!

Dothan, Palestine

2 Kings 6:13-19 is the only other reference to Dothan, in the Bible. The prophet Elisha was in Dothan. The context was the nation of Israel's conflict with the Arameans. (The Arameans, Genesis 10:22, descended from Aram -- a grandson of Noah and a son of Noah's firstborn son, Shem.)

The biblical Dothan is in modern Palestine.1 I learned the Hebrew meaning of “Dothan” and other details, by my research this morning. (My brain need some relevant exercise. The irrelevant work memories needed to be subjugated to the back waters.)

One site is Bible Walks, Tel Dothan. The information is detailed there. The about link informs one, about the folks behind the website.

I would like to meet and converse with the man who wrote: “Joseph was sold at Dothan,” on Ferrell's Travel Blog, by Ferrell Jenkins, 6/29/2015. I encourage you to read his well-written article. You could drink a few cups of coffee and read a while on his website. I did, this morning.


My inquisitive mind, this morning, wondered about Dothan, Alabama, as used on The Big Show. Well, I learned a few facts that I had not known before. I hope, by reading this little article, that you learned with me.

Georgia is up over Florida 24 to 0, at this 5:51 PM typing. Supper is almost ready. I'm off here, to watch the rest of the game and to eat supper. Wait! 5:58 PM: Georgia 27, Florida 0!


1For further reading and details on the "State of Palestine," I suggest: (a) BBC News 9/16/2020 article “Israel's Borders Explained in Maps” (my corrections on the lack of capitalization in the title) and (b) WorldAtlas Maps of Palestine (last updated 5/19/2021).

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