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SATURDAY, 10/16/2021: USPS EMAIL - DAD IS GETTING JUNK MAIL HERE TODAY! (published 10/17/2021)


Dad (Earl H. Ferrell, 9/17/1927 - 1/25/2008) enjoyed a good laugh. Dad is laughing and having more fun and joy than I can imagine now.

At least I will find joy and humor, by writing this article! I'd rather be with Dad now. I'll get there, in time.

10/16/2021, Dad Is Getting Junk Mail Here Today!

About 7:45 AM, yesterday, 10/16/2021, I was “sottin'” (as Dad would say) at my home office personal computer. The weather was dark, cloudy, and pouring rain. I had gotten out of bed about 6:30 AM. (I had done my usual “bionic” stretches, after having awakened while still in bed. A “bionic man” has to take time to stretch his “bionics,” before planting both feet on the floor!) Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had gotten up, about 5 AM, as usual. She was watching whatever she watches on TV that early, on a Saturday. I did the usual early morning routine. I ate an apple and drank a couple of cups of black coffee. About 7:45 AM, I was getting ready to read “The Blackburn Report” (TN Senator Marsha Blackburn's weekly email newsletter). She's doing her best to slow down the USSA slide into “Socialist Utopian” oblivion. I wish her well, in her efforts. I'll vote for her again – early and often, if I can.

The USSA Postal Service will send you an email, with images of postal mail that you will be getting that day. It's a free service. All you have to do is “sign up for free.” I did so, several months ago, for fun.

I noticed that “USPS Informed Delivery” emailed me, at 7:23 AM, for my 10/16/2021 “Daily Digest.” Dad was going to get junk mail here today – once the mail arrives (around 12 to 1 PM, if not earlier or later). I thought that it would make a funny Appalachian Irishman article!

The following is the (redacted) image that was in the email.


I had time, before cleaning up for the day. I decided to research the “fine folks” that had send my deceased father a postal letter. I learned that the Barrington Media Group had wasted the postage cost. I found other details about them, as follows.

Connecticut Office

4 Armstrong Road, 3rd Floor

Shelton, CT 06484


Chicago Office

444 N Michigan Ave, Suite 1700

Chicago, IL 60611



Some man named Peter Stavisky started Barrington Media Group LLC, in 2003.

I wonder if I will waste the time to either email or postal mail (with cost of stamp included) them a pithy letter. I'll let you know, if I do either one. If Dad could only know, he would laugh even more than he is doing now, at Home!

10/16/2021, Dad Got Junk Mail Here Today!

Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I endured the cloudy and rainy weather -- along with the bad asphalt on I-640, the speeders, and the idiot, who pulled out, from a driveway, in his recreational vehicle (mobile home on wheels) directly in front of us. We arrived at 9:59 AM, for our 10 AM Cracker Barrel “brunch,” with a good friend of mine (JC). I will write another article on that “brunch.”

Once we returned home, about 12:30 PM, the weather had cleared well enough. I went to the mailbox to find:

The above images are the front and back of the spam postal mail that Dad (passed on 1/25/2008) received, at our address, on 10/16/2021. Dad never had needed to live with us. He could have, if he had needed to do so. He kept the home place going, until his final day on this speck of dust that we call Earth.

The spam postal mailer folks were not open on 10/17/2021, Sunday. I may call 800-692-1708 tomorrow (from 8 AM to 8 PM EST) – just to “devil” them a little, as Dad would have done, if he were still here. I may let you know what happens. It should be funny!


Well, I need to get off here, for now. I need to call my 'cuz Becky again. Her great grandfather and my great grandfather were brothers. We graduated high school together. I haven't seen her in the flesh, since high school. She and I have both been a few places on the globe, but not at the same time in the same place. I didn't see her at Rogersville Heritage Days last Sunday. I'd told her that I'd call her. I'd called her about an hour ago, when she was busy. She'd asked me to call her back in about an hour.

Watch out, 'cuz! I'm “fixin' ta” call you again!

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