Saturday, October 09, 2021



At 5:00 PM on the dot, I have started writing on this once blank canvas. My Georgia Bulldogs (#2 in nation) are taking care of the Auburn “Kitty Cats” (#18 in nation). I'm listening to (Interweb radio) and watching (TV) the game, as I write. (I can multi-task.) I'm glad that the Tennessee “Vowels” (unranked) beat the South Carolina “Game Chickens” (unranked) earlier today.

Pecan Log Saturday

The dense fog and clouds turned into a sunny afternoon. I had another “best clip” at Tony's Best Clips, (865) 936-4146. I arrived exactly at 11 AM, for my appointment. Tony still takes customers by appointment only.

Afterward, my '06 Frontier got another hand washing at Synergy Auto Wash (Halls), (865) 922-7438. The exterior wash and tire detailing used to cost $13. 9/11/2021 was the last $13 truck wash. The cost is now $18. The guy, whom I know, said that the cost of doing business had gone up, so their prices had to increase. USSA Monopoly money doesn't buy what USA money used to buy.

The final errand was a stop at the Tractor Supply, for “doggys.” The shelf stock was not stocked well – as usual, in the “new normal.” I bought the last two beef “red lid doggys” they had. (They cost too much, as most stuff does these days, but Molly “doggy” likes them!) I told the checkout lady. Tractor Supply doesn't care that I would have bought more – if they could or would stock their shelves.

I decided to treat myself to a rare purchase of candy. (I eat candy rarely.) I bought the Pecan Roll (in the above photograph). It cost $1.99 in USSA Monopoly money. At least the Tractor Supply had pecan rolls this time. I usually see an empty box only. That pecan roll should have cost about 50 cents. Well, it did, back in the 1960's or 1970's, when a dollar was worth something. By the way, that pecan roll was made by the Crown Candy Corporation, in Macon, GEORGIA. Warning: their website, Crown Candy, is not secure. Don't click the link, unless you have great virus protection.

Poly-tics Aside

Are y'all enjoying the USSA slide into “Socialist Utopia?” I didn't think so. No one, with any sense, is. I won't even mention the army of illegal aliens that continues to invade the USSA southern border, the Monopoly money spending spree, “Corony” Myopia Psychosis, or any of the other fast-paced “Socialist Utopian” nightmares.

My computer (from Data Tech 11) has Microsoft Start ( on it. It came that way. I don't care for it. Data Tech 11 had no choice but to install it. “Microcrap” demanded it.

Early this morning, I clicked Microsoft Start ( I browsed a while. Y'all might want to browse a while also. Antarctica's last 6 months were the coldest on record - CNN (10/9/2021 article). I thought we were in “global warming.” No, wait a moment! It's “global climate change” now. Blockbuster snowstorm set to bury parts of Rockies | AccuWeather (10/9/2021 updated article). Again, it must be “global climate change. Kamala Harris skips US-Mexico border-security meeting, goes to New Jersey instead | Fox News (10/9/2021 article). There is no “crisis” at the USSA southern border. The USSA needs even more illegal aliens, for their “vote early and often” stock. Scientists develop artificial lightning that breaks up methane ( (10/8/2021 article). I have enough farmer or farm-raised friends, who must be laughing out loud – if they clicked that one! Science will control cow manure! Well, I think that's propagandized manure.


The annual Rogersville Heritage Days is this weekend. It's been a while, since Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I have been up there for it. I have memories of previous years. I called my youngest brother earlier today. Well, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I may have a heritage days get together tomorrow, in the context of Rogersville Heritage Days. We will see. If we get together, I'll write about it. Who knows? The world could come to an end before tomorrow.

Well, my Georgia Bulldogs look like they may beat the Auburn “Kitty Cats.” I'm off of here, for supper and to watch football!

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