Wednesday, October 13, 2021

WILLIAM SHATNER (published 10/13/2021)


The truth is out there. The “Interweb” abounds with this particular truth, mentioned below! Ignore all the “Socialist Utopian” fake news! Today, Wednesday, is the day to not care about anything but “space, the final frontier!”

Boldly go where no one (or man, as it was originally) has gone before! Today, I place my work at home life into that context. William Shatner -- also known as James T. Kirk, on Star Trek (3 seasons, 79 episodes, 1966-1969, NBC, set in 2266-2269) -- got into space finally – even if for only 11 minutes, at age 90!

Star Trekking at Age 90

Star Trek, the original series, comes on one of our thousands of TV channels (with not much to watch), on Saturdays, at 10 PM. I stay up the extra hour to watch. (Star Trek used to come on at 9 PM, on Saturdays, until the channel changed it to 10 PM, a couple of years or so ago.)

Y'all can “Gaggle” search by “William Shatner 10/13/2021,” as I did. You will find a plethora of information. For this article, I selected: “William Shatner shares profound words after successful Blue Origin flight: 'I hope I never recover from this'” (on Fox News, by Tyler McCarthy, 10/13/2021). That article embeds the following video, after the touch down: “Replay: New Shepard Mission NS-18 Webcast” (on Blue Origin, YouTube, live stream on 10/13/2021).


I enjoy the fantasy of Star Trek, the original series. I even like Star Trek the Next Generation. I like Star Trek Deep Space Nine quite a lot. All the Star Trek movies that included the original Star Trek cast were great! The Next Generation cast movies were good enough. These new Star Trek TV episodes and movies, with a new and young cast, are boring. Eugene (Gene) Wesley Roddenberry (8/19/1921 – 10/24/1991) is rolling over in his grave, due to the new and young cast, of the new Star Trek TV shows and movies. (Well, that's my opinion. Feel free to make it your own!)

This was my brief sidetrack into fantasy. Tomorrow, my “bionic” body gets to drive my new, ol' truck to and from the “Hadean Realm” office, for the next two days – to do the same work that I did Monday to today, at home.

Beam me up, Scotty! I'm ready to move on Home!

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