Sunday, January 09, 2022

WINNING THE CELL PHONE WAR! (published 1-9-2022; article #289)


This second article will be brief. It was gettin' close to supper time, when I started writing! Y'all hungry? I had been getting hungry!

This article is about the cell phone war that two stubborn Irishmen are winning, as of yesterday and today. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman is “enjoying” the “fun” also – just ask her!

Straight Talk Is Losing

My earlier article today touched on the problems that my ol' Samsung not semi-intelligent phone was having. I love that phone! That phone has taken many great photographs on House Mountain, over the last decade or so.

I despise Straight Talk! Do not use them. It used to be a very good company – not now. My last article has some of the details.

Yesterday, 1/8/2022, Saturday, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I visited a local Verizon Cellular Sales store – in a brick and mortar location, about a ten minute drive from here. After three hours, my new, young, Irish-American friend and I began to foil Straight Talk's efforts to forestall the transfer of our cell phone service from them to Verizon Wireless.

Why my ol' Samsung phone screen started working, while at the Verizon Wireless location, is beyond anyone's understanding. I still have a screen showing on my ol' Samsung phone today. The phone still works fine. Straight Talk, however, does NOT work fine!

I have a very detailed record of the fight – that my new Irish-American friend and I are winning! Mrs. Appalachian Irishman endures the literal headache well enough.

Verizon Wireless Is Winning

The image above is from the North Broadway Verizon Cellular Sales store website. I plan to write, on the “Interweb,” outstanding reviews for my new Irish-American friend. I plan to send him, in a day or so, a highly complimentary postal letter, which he may use in any manner he chooses, for his benefit. His customer service was and is outstanding.

This Sunday afternoon, while this young Irish-American was technically off work, he finished the account transfer from Straight Talk to Verizon Wireless. The fight is on, to keep our same two cell phone numbers. I know and have been documenting all the details.

Thank you, Aaron, my young, Irish-American friend, for your outstanding service, yesterday and today! We will win completely tomorrow, as Irishmen do. I hope that we either hike House Mountain together, or meet each other on our hikes, one of these days!


I would write more details and accolades, for Aaron and Verizon Wireless, but it's almost supper time. I heard Mrs. Appalachian Irishman working on vittles, in the kitchen. At 6 PM, she said, “okay, Georgie.” Supper was ready. I'll publish both articles, after supper!

By the way, why does McAfee spam emails keep trying to get me to “renew” McAfee, which I don't have? I may need to call their legitimate number that I can find.

On 3/9/2006, I wrote “Give Me a Horse and a Dirt Road!” Yesterday, at the Verizon store, I thought about that article. I re-read it today. I had been having a lot of “fun,” on 3/9/2006.

I understand, all too well, modern technology. I wish that I didn't have to do so. My ol' Samsung cell phone has retired, effective today. My new Motorola Edge 5G UW (2021) “smart” phone takes over today. The fight, to keep the same phone numbers on both our new phones, will be won tomorrow. I had said, many times, that I would never buy a “semi-intelligent” phone. I had to do so, due to the technology.

Give me a horse and a dirt road, any day! Let's eat supper then publish these articles, y'all! If you are right, do not give up the fight!

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