Sunday, January 09, 2022

ONE WEEK OF WINTER (published 1-9-2022; article #288)


Are y'all here, in east Tennessee, enjoying this rainy Sunday? I didn't think so.

Folks in this country used to ask me if we had summer in Russia, when we were missionaries there (1994 to 1999). My reply had always been, “yes, we have summer in Russia. Sometimes, it falls on a weekend!”

We have winter in east Tennessee. Sometimes, it lasts a few days or even a week!

Snow 1/3/2022 Monday

I used Mrs. Appalachian Irishman's not semi-intelligent cell phone, to take the above image, from our deck, at 8:56 AM, on 1/3/2022, Monday. About an inch or so of snow had fallen during the night. The Sunday rain had turned to snow. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman was still on her two-week Christmas break. I had a day off, for New Year's Day. The low was about 30F. The high was about 41F.

Unfortunately, I spent the day, on the landline phone, fighting with the (now former) provider for our two not semi-intelligent cell phones. I have detailed records of my phone call efforts with our former provider.

Mrs. Appalachian Irishman's cell phone still worked fine. My ol' Samsung cell phone could still make or receive phone calls. I could not see the numbers. My phone could still get texts, which I could not see. The screen had been white as new fallen snow, since 12/30/2021.

As further aggravation, since 12/30/2021, I have not been able to use our home desktop computer to login to our account, on the Straight Talk website – as I have done for about a decade. That (now former) provider had been automatically charging one of our credit cards, on a monthly basis. (We pay off that card in full every month.) Strangely, I could use Mrs. Appalachian Irishman's Chrome laptop computer, to login to the website.

I, however, have started to digress, into my next article that I will publish today. The little snow on 1/3/2022, Monday, was the first taste of winter this season. I wish that I could have been out in it more than I was.

 Snow 1/6/2022 Thursday

On 1/7/2022, Friday, at 7:58 AM, as the sun was coming over the ridge southeast of us, I used Mrs. Appalachian Irishman's (now old) LG flip cell phone, to take the above snow photograph, from the deck. (I wish that the door post shadow was not in the image.) The snow had started to fall, about 12:20 PM, on 1/6/2022. We had less than an inch of snow.

Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had to start “hitting a lick,” at work, on 1/6/2022. Her two-week Christmas break had ended. Her sister and she commuted to and from their teaching location, about 35 miles or so from here. They worked about a half day, due to the snow.

The snow enabled me to work from home on that Epiphany Thursday and the next day! Otherwise, my usual work pattern remains, since 2/1/2021: work at home Monday through Wednesday but at office Thursday and Friday. It's insanity, of course. The office does not need “coverage,” whatever that is. I can do the exact same job at home. I, however, have digressed. Y'all help me find a new job, if you can! I will retire from my current “govrmint” job, to do something, anything, else – working from home fulltime!

By the way, y'all remember 1/6/2021, don't you? That was a “day that will live in infamy,” as the end of the USA and the beginning of the USSA Socialist Utopia! 1/6/2021 compares to the 12/7/1941 attack on Pearl Harbor and the attacks on 9/11/2001 – according to some socialists. Thursday, 1/6/2022, was also Epiphany, or “old Christmas, or Christmas Day (Eastern Orthodox Church and Russian Orthodox Church). You can do the research, as I know you can! By the way, January 6th of (year not given) was the birthday of the sister of my lifelong friend. I sent her an “Interweb” birthday greeting.


At 5:19 PM, as I typed this sentence, I was listening to Fleetwood Mac “Gypsy” on my new Motorola Edge 5G UW (2021) so-called “smart” phone.

I need to get the next article written. Y'all take care out there! Don't let Corona Myopia Psychosis or USSA Socialist Utopia get you down! “Gypsy,” by Fleetwood Mac, is still a great classic rock song!

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