Monday, January 17, 2022

MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. DAY UPDATE (published 1-17-2022; article #291)


At 4:23 PM, as I begin to write, the about an inch of snow makes a good view, from my home office windows. Today, the low was 27F. The high was 32F. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I have been enjoying this mild winter day well enough.

Today, we are both off work, for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. My January 18, 2021, article contains:

Sadly, I regret that many of the prominent “leaders,” who claim to follow Dr. King, Jr.'s legacy, are not doing so. Moral character matters. Skin color is not relevant. All lives, each created in God's image, matter, equally. Lives must be lived in honor of the Creator. Lives that are not are wasted. Too many folks, of various nationalities and skin colors, are wasting their lives today.

Shall each creation of God not live up to the standard of our Creator? That is the only way that people can STAND together in unity. I have spoken.

I would not change a word today. The problems in this once great nation, and in the world, are moral – nothing else. Folks must choose, freely, to live in honor of our Creator. If not, this once great nation will continue its fall into Socialist Utopian Oblivion. The rest of the world will continue to follow. This article, however, is not about “poly-tics!” Let's move on!

Snow, Such as It Was

If I'm lucky, you may see my first video recording that I made at 1:04 PM today. I'll try to show it, below, if my website software does its job. Here goes!

If you saw my video, you will notice that I started talking with proper pronunciation. About half way, I switched to my best hillbilly voice! I was just having some fun!


If the video does not upload into this article, then the above photograph will! Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had caught me, after I had made the video (that you may not be able to see). I was busted! By the way, behind the large windows, above the bench, on the porch, is where my home office is located.

Voice Mail Set Up!

My second January 9, 2022, article expressed our “cell phone war,” which we won – with the OUTSTANDING customer service by Aaron! Aaron, if you are reading, I wrote the postal letter to you, which I mentioned, on 1/8/2022. It will go out in the mail tomorrow.

Neither Mrs. Appalachian Irishman nor I could get the voicemail set up, on our new Motorola Edge 5G UW (2021) “smart” phones. We had tried. This morning, I reached, by phone, a Verizon Wireless Technical Support gentleman, in New Mexico. During our one and a half hour conversation, the gentleman fixed our voicemail problem, for both phones! Several minutes of our conversation were not about the technical stuff. I shared my “bionic” life (from 3/29/2016 to today, so far), in the context of Russia (1994 to 1999), House Mountain hiking, and my unpublished book (“Light at the End of the Tunnel”) stories. I hope that my words inspired this gentleman, in New Mexico. He seemed to appreciate the details that I shared with him.


Yesterday, I called a very dear friend. Her husband and she are enduring an ongoing series of difficulties. The prayers of Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I continue, daily, to be for their blessing. We have the will but not the power. God has the power. I hope, for our friends' sake, that God has the will to help them. He will. I believe and know. It may take more time that we would prefer.

We must not be snowed over by the trials of life. My redaction of the apostle Paul's words, in his inspired letter to the Philippians (chapter 4, verse 6) are “don't worry about anything; pray about everything!”

Y'all, who know the Good Lord as Savior, keep praying out there. Mention our two friends, as an unspoken prayer request. Thank you!

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