Sunday, May 17, 2020


In the 5/10/2020 Mother’s Day article, I referenced my “stealth mission,” on 5/9/2020. Yesterday was Mrs. Appalachian Irishman's 34th year of “long suffering” with me. (I speculate that she thinks otherwise.)

Several years ago, her mother had given her a pearl ring. A few years ago, the original pearl fell out and vanished. I had surprised her with a new, replacement pearl. Well, that replacement pearl had fallen out but did not vanish. I had been holding on to it, for the proper timing. Ah, wedding anniversary was proper timing!

On 5/9/2020, Saturday, I made a “stealth mission” to Fountain City Jewelers, to re-attach the pearl. In true Ferrell fashion, I was able to acquire the restored ring yesterday – just in time! Ain’t I a fine husband, dear?

Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I had a late lunch or early supper at Litton’s. (I think city slickers call that brunch. No, wait! That’s a late breakfast. What do you city slickers call a late lunch or early supper?) Of course, the employees were all wearing masks. Tables were spaced farther apart. We had a fine meal. The waitress shared my sarcastic sense of humor. We had a good time. Our COVID-19 compliant 34th wedding anniversary is one to remember!

Well, dear, I’m glad that you have been so “long suffering” to endure me as your husband all these years! The Ferrell in me doesn’t drop the “l-word” very often. Actions speak louder than words. I love you, dear.

Yes, yes, my readers are wondering why I have no photos. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, apparently, is still trying to get an appointment with her “barber,” or whatever you ladies call a barber. She thinks that she needs a haircut and whatever else her “barber” does, so I didn’t take a photo of her. By this means, I still get to eat her cooking at home!

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