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CORONA MYOPIA IN MAINE (published 5-3-2020)


Maine is one example. By my last count, there are 50 states. Examples, in the other 49, abound.

The Example, in Maine

The article, referenced below, is found on Channel 8 WMTW. It is an ABC TV station in Westbrook, Maine.

The title of the article is: "Stage 1 of Maine reopening plan, new face mask requirement in effect," 5/1/2020. (Grammatically, the capitalization of nouns in an article title is, to adapt a phrase, “best practice,” but, commonly now, newspaper and website articles fail to follow “best practice.”) The article lists several mandates, by the governor’s unconstitutional executive orders, which are in effect to 5/31/2020, or longer. This is only Stage 1. I won’t drone on with every mandate here. I’ll quote two mandates (with red font added, for emphasis).

First, “Maine churches are also allowed to conduct limited drive-in services as long as people stay in their vehicles and practice social distancing.” Notice the words “allowed” and “limited.” Are not religious freedom and the freedom to worship rights in this country? This is a classic example of an unconstitutional executive order.

Then, “as part of the extension of the state’s stay-at-home order, people must wear a cloth mask in public beginning Friday.” The article goes into mind numbing details on mask wearing. Notice the word “must.” Of course, to anyone who has any common sense and understanding of freedom, the “must wear a cloth mask” (not a paper mask, by the way) is completely ludicrous! What? Will an officer arrest me or fine me, if I’m not wearing a mask when I’m at the grocery store? I’d like to see one try that on me! I’d utilize the quickest way possible to file a lawsuit. I’d defend myself in court. I would win.

At the end of 2019, the population of Maine was 1.366 million. At the time of my research (Saturday, 5/2/2020, at 8:55 AM), 55 people in Maine had died due to COVID-19, assuming from 1/1/2020 to the date and time stated. The division of 55 by four full months (January - April) means that 13.75 Maine residents die from COVID-19 each month. (How does 0.75 of a person die? I do not round the calculations.) The total number of deaths in Maine, from 1/1/2020 to 5/2/2020, at 9:15 AM, was 4,807. The division of 55 by 4,807 means that 1.14% of total 2020 deaths in Maine, as of 5/2/2020, has been from COVID-19. (Of course, the possible inflation of COVID-19 deaths is common knowledge, as reported in the various media sources.)

I tried to find the total number of 2020, to date, deaths in Maine, by influenza, pneumonia, traffic accidents, heart disease, cancer, and so forth, to compare to COVID-19 deaths. I found only the year-to-date number of COVID-19 deaths in Maine. Maine is a classic example of “Corona Myopia.” There are 50 states.

Governors in various states, including Tennessee, are drunk on their “Corona Myopia” power. They think that they have “executive order power,” which they do not, to enact all types of orders that are not constitutional, according to state constitutions and the US constitution. They claim that they do this to protect citizens from a new cold virus (COVID-19). I suspect other intentions.

“Corona Myopia,” in Maine and in other states, exists. (See the section “Corona Myopia Logic,” in my 4/26/2020 article.) Residents of Maine are stopping it.

Maine Restaurant Owner Defies State Order

I found the story at: “Maine restaurant owner defies state stay-at-home order, loses health license,” on Channel 8 WMTW , 5/2/2020. That article has all the details. It's just one example. Other examples are making the news, in many states.

The article states, for Stage or Phase 1, “while restaurants are allowed to offer takeout, curbside pickup and delivery, dine-in service is not allowed.” (Again, I added the red font, for emphasis.) Notice, once again, allowed and “not allowed.” Even in the former Soviet Union, the Soviet socialist powers never disallowed Soviet citizens the right to dine-in at a Soviet-allowed restaurant!

The article continues: “The reopening of restaurants is part of phase 2 in June, according to the governor's plan.” Well, if the governor just had a plan, as a suggestion only, it might have been fine. Folks could choose, freely, to follow or not to follow his plan. It is not a plan! It is an unconstitutional “executive order.”

The article also states: [Rick] Savage began letting people into his restaurant at about noon after dozens of people lined up outside. He originally planned to open at 4 p.m.” This was good for Rick Savage and good for the folks that want to spend money to dine-in at his restaurant! They are free people in a free nation! I speculate that the authorities in Maine will arrest or continue to fine Rick Savage. Rick Savage will stand his ground! This and a few other cases, which are making the national news, might become a class action lawsuit.


"As for me and my house," we are a free people in a supposedly free nation. We will not back down! (The words of Joshua inspire my thoughts. Please note Joshua 24:15, in the context that final chapter.)

By the way, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman took her father to a medical appointment, which was not postponed, this time, on Thursday, 4/30/2020. The medical folks required that they both wear masks, to tend to my father-in-law; otherwise, they would not tend to him. Now, that’s honoring the Hippocratic Oath! In wisdom, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and her father complied with that asinine requirement. My father-in-law is fine, as well as he can be, thankfully.

"As for me and my house," we stand against “Corona Myopia” and the violation of our God-given rights. We will not back down! My father used to say, “This country is about gone, boys.” He said that many times, before he went Home, on 1/25/2008. Dad was right – unless we all stand our ground!

Let’s eat supper, dear. I’m hungry. Y’all do the right thing out there. Understand?

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