Friday, May 15, 2020


My good friend and fellow patriot, J.C., sent an e-mail today, regarding Dr. Fauci’s YouTube site, on which he had stated that mask wearing is not beneficial. YouTube censorship has removed the site, effective either yesterday, after my previous post, or today. Did my 5/14/2020 post cause YouTube to remove that website post? Interesting!

The link that I referenced, in my 5/14/2020 post, was to Today, a day later, when I click my own link reference, I get: “this video has been removed for violating YouTube's Community Guidelines.” It says to click the link to learn more. I clicked the link. The link is here (unless YouTube takes it down). So, YouTube thinks that Dr. Fauci’s verbal statement, regarding how wearing a mask is not needed, violated their policy? I hope that Dr. Fauci files a lawsuit against YouTube! It’s free speech violation, in YouTube at least, and Corona Myopia insanity, of course.

Today, I found a still valid reference, in audio-video and transcript, to the exact same statement, by the so-called Dr. Fauci -- of approximately two months ago – in which he stated that mask wearing is not needed. (I speculate that his doctorate degree is from Cracker Jacks!) He’s a joke, of course. YouTube is a joke, of course. The reference is: “Tucker Carlson: We Didn't Appoint Fauci Dictator During This Crisis,” on RealClear Politics, by Tim Hains, 5/13/2020.

Okay, I’m done for now. It’s supper time. Let’s eat, dear! By the way, if I eat Friday fish dinner and drink my usual buttermilk, am I in violation of God’s unpardonable sin? The Good Lord has forgiven me before. I hope that He does so again!

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