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CORONA MYOPIA OVERLORD (published 5-24-2020)


Howdy, again, to everyone out there in the online world. I can track viewer totals, so I know many are viewing. I can’t see who they are. I see only numbers. Identities are safe here, as opposed to “Farcebook,” which knows too much about us. Post a comment every now and then, if you want to do so!

Corona Myopia will not win! I override it! This is my final article, on the topic. I have proved my points several times, in several articles. My points are fact, not opinion, as anyone skilled in common sense and logical reasoning knows. If you disagree, then challenge me to a formal, public or written, debate!

The Corona Myopically Obsessed Stay Obsessed

On Thursday, 5/21/2020, a man -- who had taken a wife, by my wedding ceremony officiating, a few decades ago -- posted, in part, as a reply to my 5/20/2020 article: “this was pointed out by a friend after tracking my ‘biased’ posts and explaining what was wrong with each one. Incidentally, his recap of my post were [sic] inaccurate in most cases.”

Really? His “Corona Myopia Obsession” is showing! My recap was accurate. I did not explain the inaccuracy in each of that man's posts. (Hence, his term was “recap.”) By the way, that “mini debate” was a fine “howdy do,” after these few decades with no contact.

The man had also posted, with no remarks, Tennessee State Annotated Code 58-2-107, as if the Code validates him. The title of that Code is “Emergency management powers of the governor.” That Tennessee Code defines “emergency” as (underlining added for emphasis):

an occurrence, or threat thereof, whether natural, technological, or man-made, in war or in peace, that results or may result in substantial injury or harm to the population, or substantial damage to or loss of property; provided, that natural threats may include disease outbreaks and epidemics.

“Substantial“ is not defined in the definitions section, which is a mistake in the Code. The Code refers to “an emergency beyond local control,” with various details and limitations. The Code appears to have the idea of military invasion, man-made or natural disaster, and such like -- true “emergencies” (by common definition).

As I’ve written before, regarding this new cold virus, the number of cases is not known. The number of recoveries is not known. The number of deaths is known (by constant media focus).

As of 5/23/2020, 2020 COVID-19 deaths in Tennessee were 329. In Knox County, there were five deaths. (Information is via Tennessee’s COVID-19 website.)

As of early morning, on 5/24/2020, there had been 26,894 deaths in Tennessee in 2020 (the number keeps rising). That total does not include COVID-19 deaths. So, adding the 329 deaths by COVID-19 to the other deaths equals 27,223 total deaths.

Dividing 329 by 27,223 means that 1.2% of 2020 deaths in Tennessee (at that moment in time) had been by this new cold virus. Thus, 98.8% of deaths had been by something else. Note: I’d still like to see the 2020 deaths by all other factors, not just this new cold virus, but I can’t find them.

For national, as far as the CDC shows, for weeks ending 2/1/2020 through 5/16/2020, with an 5/22/2020 update (including various stipulations):

Total deaths: 922,510.

COVID-19 deaths: 73,639 (actual, “probable,” or “presumed” cause). I calculate 7.98% of total deaths.

Pneumonia plus influenza deaths: pneumonia 89,555 plus influenza 6,253 is 95,808. I calculate, for pneumonia, 9.7% of total deaths. I calculate, for pneumonia and influenza, 10.38% of total deaths.

NOTE: no other causes of death are parsed out. I wish that the CDC would parse out other causes of death.

COVID-19 is a new cold virus. Pneumonia and influenza are viruses. Each, unfortunately, can cause death. The country seems to have cycled through the seasonal influenza (various viruses). I hope the country is cycling through this new cold virus and the pneumonia viruses.

I speculate that the Tennessee “guvrnor” thinks that death totals by this new cold virus are his subjective definition of “substantial” harm from a disease outbreak or epidemic. (Again, case and recovery numbers are not relevant and are not known.) What type of “executive orders” will the “guvrnor” issue, for other “substantial” harms caused by ongoing or cyclical disease outbreaks -- such as from cancer, stroke, obesity, heart disease, influenza, pneumonia, ad nauseam?

Further, to conclude the “mini debate,” as I referenced, in the 5/20/2020 article, one scholarly source indicates that many “restrictions” do no better than few “restrictions,” for the 50 states. The green, red, blue, and gray colors are on “States with the Fewest Coronavirus Restrictions,” on WalletHub, by Adam McCann, last updated 4/6/2020. (Tennessee is barely visible, underneath West Virginia and Texas; all three green.)

Finally, the man ignored my remarks, regarding the consequences to the economy, health, religious freedom, and so forth, that the “guvrmint” action on this new cold virus caused. I suggest -- as a means of further education, on many topics, not only related to this new cold virus -- the reading of The Patriot Post (which once had been named The Federalist). I suggest, to begin his education, that this man read: “The Constitution Was Made for COVID-19,” by Penny Nance, 5/6/2020 and “Growing Health Consequences From Prolonged Lockdown,” by Thomas Gallatin, 5/8/2020.

Saturday, 5/23/2020, Free Actions

Yesterday, as a free man in a once free and great nation, I did chores. I hauled trash. I bought “doggy's” at the Tractor Supply. My new ol' truck had an oil change (with only 1,779 miles since the 2/11/2020 oil change). I filled up my truck with gas (the first time since 4/18/2020).

Various employees were wearing, not wearing, or sometimes wearing masks. Various customers were either wearing or not wearing masks. I passed a man who had his mask under his chin. I saw a couple. One wore a mask. The other did not. I didn’t bother to keep count. Many folks were out and about shopping and running errands. I speculate that, maybe, 10% were wearing masks. No one spoke or judged me, for not wearing a mask. I judged no one. One sales lady brought up the subject. Her mask had been on and off, at various times. She shared my thoughts. We agreed. We didn’t judge those, who wish to wear masks.

While driving about, I heard a national broadcast, on the local AM 760 radio station. I heard their position, regarding the “guvrmint” restrictions, such as on religion, during this new cold virus. I said “amen” more than once! We would have been in full agreement, if I had been on the air with them.

Corrie Ten Boom

A very dear friend had cited, on 5/14/2020 (on the date that Uncle Bobby was born, fittingly), the following valid quotation:

If you look at the world, you’ll be distressed. If you look within, you’ll be depressed. But if you look at Christ, you’ll be at rest. -- Corrie Ten Boom.

My friend has a calm spirit that comes from her trust in the Lord. Her spirit continues to be a safe haven, when I get my Irish up. Thank you, dear friend!

Corrie Ten Boom faced a far more difficult life challenge than we will ever face. “Corona Myopia” will pass, even for the most bullheaded. In the everlasting perspective, Corrie Ten Boom had a far worse challenge. We have a new cold virus challenge now. In the everlasting perspective, this blink of an eye, on a speck of dust, world is boot camp! Let us move on toward Home, shall we?


As a historical note, V-E Day was observed on May 8, 1945, in Great Britain, Western Europe, the United States, and Australia. It was observed on May 9 in the (former) Soviet Union and New Zealand. I trust that y’all remembered.

Memorial Day is tomorrow, on Monday, 5/25/2020. I trust that each of you will recall why we must remember.

As another historical note, June 6, 1944 was D-Day. It was called “Operation Overlord.” I trust that we will each remember.

As the final historical note, Independence Day, on 7/4/2020, is approaching. A man, who is running for president, has said, in a different context, “You know; the thing.”

Place “Corona Myopia Obsession” into “Operation Corona Overlord!” In other words, place this new cold virus in your rear view mirror, America! Wake up!


To conclude, I quote the final words of “The Constitution Was Made for COVID-19,” on The Patriot Post, by Penny Nance, 5/6/2020:

The American spirit in 2020 still shouts, ‘Give me liberty, or give me death!’ as Patrick Henry did in 1775. No exception for COVID-19.

What will be my next topic? It will not be “Corona Myopia!” Thanks, y’all, for reading!

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