Sunday, May 03, 2020

HOUSE MOUNTAIN #169 (published 5-3-2020)

On 5/2/2020, Saturday, I hiked My Mountain (also known as House Mountain) for the 169th time. The weather was sunny and warm, but not too warm. I hiked up then back down the west trail only. Enjoy the photos and the commentary!
This is looking southwest, at the west bluff. The tree branch stub, on which I had been hanging my canteen, ball cap, and/or outer layer, had broken off finally, sometime since my last hike. It had been there many years. The two hammocks contained one young person each. They agreed to this photo. I enjoyed a fine conversation with them. Such young folks give one hope for the future.

On the hike back down, I passed several folks hiking up. One group of young people enjoyed my joke: I’d seen a COVID-19 compliant bobcat on the trail, but there were no worries. He was wearing a mask! A young man asked, “Was he wearing gloves?” That was a great continuation of my joke!

I met one group, with each person wearing a mask. I told them about the bobcat. They enjoyed the humor!

I met another group that included a man who was wearing a T-shirt that stated: “I am the Change.” We talked a while. We shook hands (even if the "govrmint" suggests otherwise). He and I were Boy Scouts. We understood each other perfectly! Change is needed. We are one in the Change!

The change at the parking lots was that the governor had lifted his unconstitutional executive order, to “allow” folks to park and hike again. He is still keeping the fancy outhouse locked, as the photo, above, shows. The red tape (no pun intended) signals danger of electrical current. I wondered if the state employee(s), who put up the tape, only had that tape or if the fancy outhouse was wired to shock violators! Of course, one can take a number one or a number two in the woods anywhere, as long as no one notices, of course. Leaves were available, as needed. The governor, as far as I know, did not issue an unconstitutional executive order about relieving one’s self in the woods.

On my House Mountain hike #168, on Good Friday, 4/10/2020, a “state approved,” by unconstitutional executive order, barrier blocked this upper and the lower level parking lots. The barriers are gone. They should have never been there.

I have six more hikes until hike #175 on My Mountain. The Corona Myopia continues; however, it seems to be waning finally. My next post will have further comments on the topic.

Y’all keep ‘em straight out thar! To my good friend, J. S., who attained the young, ol' age of 60 today, my sign off, of the Reverend Billy Ray Collins’ line, is for you! Happy birthday, J. S.! The three-way “conference” call that you, S. H., and I had yesterday was COVID-19 compliant. I was wearing a mask and holding the phone with a gloved hand, to avoid spreading the cold virus through the phone!

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