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Howdy, y’all, out there in the online world!

This afternoon, my work at home duties were very light, for a rare change. I did a bit of study, while paying attention to any new work that might come my way. It did not.

Corona Myopia Obsession

I found a classic case of “Corona Myopia Obsession,” from someone, whom I know. From 5/17-19/2020, Sunday to Tuesday, three full days, I counted this man’s nineteen total articles on his social media account. His volume of articles indicates Corona Myopia obsession. (It could be his attempt to “save” the less enlightened, but I only speculate.) This man must have plenty of free time. I will not reference each of his nineteen articles, since I don't want to waste that much time. I will summarize them instead.

5/17/2020: the theme was: (1) the economy could, in speculative theory, be even worse, without all the forced restrictions. (2) “Social distancing” works. (A link to an article gave Hancock County some attention.) (3) Masks work. No guilt, judgment, or fear mongering were intended, of course. (4) Religious freedom may, or may not, be restricted for a while, legally, based on one lawyer’s opinion.

5/18/2020: the theme was: (1) COVID-19 deaths could be under reported. (2) Karma fell upon a husband and wife, who were against restrictions, but who both contracted COVID-19. (I hope that they recover well.) (3) One lawyer’s opinion is that state and federal “guvrmint” has the right to violate our constitutional rights, in times like these, for a while, at least.

5/19/2020: the theme was: (1) too many evangelical Christians (but I thought Christians were Christians) are gullible to online conspiracy theories, in the context of COVID-19. (Well, not this Christian, who is a Christian only.) (2) The “guvrmint”-mandated shutdowns (state and federal), quarantines, mask wearing, etc., are working. We must keep them in place; otherwise, another outbreak, as in China, may occur. (3) COVID-19 deaths are six percent of known cases. (Of course, the six percent of known cases is a scare tactic that is used often. It is an invalid method. The number of cases is not known. Who knows how many have, or have had, this new cold virus, but who have, or had, no symptoms? The math is a division of a fairly accurate number into an unknown. It’s not valid. The division of the COVID-19 deaths into the total known deaths is valid. I’ve written on this earlier.)

I am not judgmental, but the Good Lord said that I can be a fruit inspector. I inspected. I found “Corona Myopia Obsession.”


This rebuttal, to those nineteen articles, will be overarching. I can't address every little detail, since there are so many.

First, I found a Savannah, Tennessee, newspaper article (“Analysis: Is a ‘stay at home’ order constitutional?” On The Courier, by Editor and R. Kelly Jordan, Staff Writer, 4/5/2020) that speculates that stay at home orders are either constitutional or not. My copies of the US constitution and the Tennessee constitution indicate that no executive order power exists. Of course, the “guvrmint” could have suggested, in wisdom, that we the people do or not do certain things. We the people, in wisdom, could have gone along. That’s not what has happened. That’s not what is happening. The news media is ripe with the details. I’ve written about it.

Second, states with few restrictions are doing better than states with more restrictions, in the COVID-19 counts. See “States with the Fewest Coronavirus Restrictions,” on WalletHub, by Adam McCann, last updated 4/6/2020. The article has scholarship behind it.

Third, “the U.S. unemployment rate exploded to 14.7% in April after more than 20 million jobs were lost to the coronavirus, but that is just the official number. The real jobless rate was at least 20%.” The quote is from "Great Depression 2020? The unofficial U.S. jobless rate is at least 20% -- or worse," on Market Watch, by Jeffry Bartash, 5/11/2020.

Finally, “’this is a surprise, overwhelmingly the people were at home.’ Cuomo said 66% of the people were at home, which he said was ‘shocking.’ He said those sickened were disproportionately older, starting at 51 years old and minorities.” The quote is from “Cuomo releases 'shocking' data showing new COVID patients stayed at home,” on CBS6 Albany, by Anne McCloy, 5/6/2020. I found one source, which stated that 80% of new cases were from people, who were staying at home.

Of course, I could continue my rebuttal, but I've wasted enough time. I've published other articles on “Corona Myopia Obsession.”


It’s been almost 30 years, since my last formal, public debate. The man, who is rebutted by this article, is invited to meet me in written debate, via this website. We must first agree on a proposition. I will negate the following proposition that I now propose:

Corona Myopia Obsession” must continue, until we must learn to speak Mandarin.

Does this person agree to argue in the affirmative? (My tongue is placed in cheek firmly, of course.)


In once sentence, let’s get over this “Corona Myopia Obsession,” America, and get back to work, before it kills the economy!

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