Saturday, February 20, 2021



Why didn't I just go hike today? Low temperature was 10 F this morning. The high reached a balmy 42 F, approximately. The high pressure system is in control now. Well, I might hike tomorrow! I blame it on my own laziness or my “bionics.”

A few days ago, I figured out that -- of a person's twelve main joints (i.e., neck, left and right shoulders, left and right elbows, left and right wrists, hip, left and right knees, and left and right ankles) -- I have a quarter (i.e., three of the twelve) that are “bionic” (i.e., left shoulder, right knee, and right foot). Why the heck have I been complaining these almost (since 3/29/2016) five years? That's a “bionic” joke, y'all!

Life, Such as it Is, from 2/14/21 Sunday through 2/20/21 Saturday

2/14/2021, Sunday, was VD Sunday! That's Valentine's Day. I hope that y'all had a fun VD day. It was cloudy and damp. That means no hike.

2/15/2021, Monday, was Presidents' Day. I was off work, as a state employee. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, as a county (Sevier) employee, had to hit a lick. It was still cloudy and wet. No hike. I did the best that I could.

2/16/2021, Tuesday: I worked at home. It was “fun,” in my sarcastic style. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had a “snow” day off work – paid. The low was 24 F. The high was 28 F. That's a mild winter day, in Russia. Also, our niece attained age 35 on this date. She was born in 1986. After work, I called her cell phone. I talked with “Uncle,” her son. He said that his mother would call me back. She did not, as of this entry. Well, “Uncle” said that all is well there.

2/17/2021, Wednesday: Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had a two-hour “snow” delay, due to no snow. I continued my work-at-home. The low was 21 F. The high was 41 F, balmy.

Rush Limbaugh died, at age 70. One of the many links is here. He was from Cape Girardeau, Missouri. We lived nearby, from 1986 thru 1994, before Russia (1994 - 1999). I remember. The USA lost a champion. The USSA had a "victory." He did well, in the political realm, by his radio show, etc.

I saw a video, on a TV station, where he had indicated that he had been saved, by God's grace, through his faith response. I hope so. If I, as the meager Appalachian Irishman, could have his audience, I would talk about the Good Lord's free gift offer often, in the context of historical, philosophical, political, etc., conversations. Rush didn't do that. I would. I don't have the platform that he had.

218/2021, Thursday: it was rain to clouds. The high was about 42 F, balmy. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had a “snow” day off. What snow? I had an offer to work at home. I did. I won, for a change. Also, I had been hearing about “catch the wave” on a local radio station. I inquired, finally. An age 30 something man and I talked, after having exchanged e-mails. The “wave” folks want $4,050 from me, to “heal” my “bionics.” Insurance does NOT cover it. I turned down “the wave.” If the age 30 something man wants to hike House Mountain with me, I would enjoy that – if he can keep up with me.

2/19/2021, Friday: the weather was sunny, finally. It was 30 something for the high, balmy. We both “hit a lick.” I drove to/from the office, as my only day this week. The reason why is in the minds of the state bureaucrats. Their logic escapes me. I did it.

2/20/2021, Saturday: see my introduction. Why did I not hike today? I am a “coward.” The low was 10 F. The high was about 42 F, balmy. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman spent about $1,000, for her “haircut.” (It's a joke, dear. I know it was $135.60.) A haircut should NOT cost that MUCH, unless it's every three or four months. Tony's Best Clips charges $20, for my every-four-or-five week haircut. He used to charge $12, before the new cold virus. I know. At least Molly, doggy, and I had several minutes of fun outside, in the yard, after I'd had hauled trash and gotten gas.

Have y'all notice how the price of gas is going up? Remember, these are the “good” days, in the early USSA days. It will get worse soon. I know it. I am a political prophet. Mark my words.


It's 6:15 PM, at the time of this typing. When is supper ready, dear? You are 15 minutes late.

I'm 10-10 on the side. “It's ready,” she just said.

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