Sunday, February 28, 2021

Socialist Tools: Race, Gender, “Money Tree” Economics, & “Politically Correct” Speech (published 2-28-2021)

6/4/2023, Sunday, addendum: this author updated the title, to his second article of 2/28/2021, to better reflect its content. Otherwise, he didn't change the wording. Over two years have passed. The content of this article is even more timely and current. Anyone, who has sense, knows it.


See my article of earlier today. At 4:20 PM, I think that I will start writing about “poly-tics” a while. Note: “poly-tics” is from “poly” (many) and “tics” (blood suckers). I've joked about that in previous articles.

This second article today focuses on the socialist tools of race, gender, “money tree” economics, and “politically correct” speech. Don't let the socialists distract you, by their tools! These tools are only their way of deceiving this once great nation into “Socialistic Utopian Oblivion!”

Socialist Tools

Race: I thought that the color of skin did not matter but that the content of character did. A wise man stated that, a few decades ago.

Why is there so much noise, about the color of skin? Why is there so little truth about the content of character?

What is “systemic racism?” I was raised: “red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight.” I was raised correctly. I know it.

What are reparations? Blacks (i.e., people of color, as if red, yellow, and white are not colors) need reparation? What about the Irish? “No Irish allowed.” I know. My ancestors knew. What about Irish reparations? March is Irish History Month, don't y'all know?

Race is a tool of the socialists. I know it. Anyone, who has sense, knows it.

Gender: I hear that the socialists want to allow boys, who think that they are girls, to play on girls' sports teams. Really?

Do you have an “innie” or an “outie?” If you have an “innie,” you are a girl. If you have an “outie,” you are a boy. God created male and female, in His image. A very, but rather loud, few have His image confused. It is, however, “black and white,” if you pardon the pun.

Sadly, it's more than sports. Bathrooms must not have gender separation. Churches that follow God's rules could be in danger. Freedom to speak on the topic could be in danger. It's coming, folks. We know it.

Gender is a tool of the socialists. I know it. Anyone, who has sense, knows it.

Economics (i.e., money tree): apparently, the “demorats” and “repubicrapers” both think that money grows on trees. The “economic stimulus” debate is hot right now.

On 1/11/2021, I published the article “Status of a Once Great Nation.” That article links to US Debt Clock. The USSA total debt, at 4:50 PM, is $27 trillion, 965 million, and chump change. The count continues to increase, by the second. Check out that website, if you are bored.

So, from where will the 1.9 trillion “stimulus” money originate? The USSA is broke. The USSA debt has been more than debt-to-GDP-ratio, since 2013. (See the “Status of a Once Great Nation” article. My historical words remind me today.)

I assume that the USSA has a money tree somewhere. Otherwise, await the continuing higher cost of everything, as the USSA spirals into recession.

Economics (i.e., the money tree) is a tool of the socialists. I know it. Anyone, who has sense, knows it.

Politically correct” speech: I retain my God given right to be free. That includes, among other items, my freedom to speak. The “politically correct” movement that started decades ago is winning. The various points of news describe the details. I will not waste time, by delving into the details.

By the way, where is my Parler account? Oh, there it is! It's back. My website is still here. The socialists have not taken me down yet. If they do, I will still speak, by my voice and writings, in other forms. I will not be defeated. I stand.

Politically correct” speech is a tool of the socialists. I know it. Anyone, who has sense, knows it.


Well, at 5:40 PM, I'm done. I'll keep writing, if you keep reading. I had heard Half Pint (the nickname of our microwave) warming up something. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had started her Sunday stew, in the crock pot (or crack pot, as I call it). I wonder what Half Pint needs to warm. We should not have leftovers. I had heard potatoes being mashed. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman fed Molly, our doggy, her supper. (Molly was lazy today. I don't blame her.) Now, at 5:47 PM, Half Pint is warming something.

I'll stop now, to explore the domestic point of interest. Y'all keep turnin' right and goin' straight out there, you hear?

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