Monday, February 08, 2021



I needed to write my article of yesterday. I wish that I had not had to do so. I didn't enjoy writing it. I wrote it. It's done.

Now, let's have some “life, such as it is,” fun! The writing will help me. I hope it helps you!

2/6/2021, Saturday: a Birthday Reconnection

Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I are part of a “gang.” The “gang” includes three others. We know who we are. Some of you may know us. We have had many great “gang gatherings” over the decades. We are a very friendly little “gang.”

One member of the “gang” had a birthday, on 2/6/2021. The “gang” hasn't been together, in person, since just after his birthday last year. (It's the “new normal;” don't you know?) After his sister assured me that my friend hadn't passed to the next world, he call me back, from the voice mail that I had left him.

I have always known my friend. His mother and my mother were friends. As far back as I can remember, I have known my friend. We talked over a hour. We are both “livin' la vida Rona” as well as we can. We reconnected.

Who knows? Will the “gang” be able to get together, visit, go out to eat, etc., as we used to do – before Corona Myopia Psychosis started, almost a year ago? We will see.

2/7/2021, Sunday: Snow at 8:12 AM Photographs

The next day, my wife and I awakened to about an inch of snow. The ground was covered well. I took two photographs, from the deck. The time was about 8:12 AM.


The above photograph is looking southeast. The sun was starting to break the clouds.

The above photograph is looking southwest. Eventually, the clouds broke, as the high pressure system took over. The sun came out fully. The snow melted. The photographs are a moment in time.

2/8/2021, Monday

Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I had to “hit a lick” at work again. It's the routine. My next-to-youngest brother attained age 52 today. He called me, while I was working at home (Monday through Wednesday at home; Thursday and Friday at office – as the insanity continues), just after 8:30 AM. I took a work-at-home break. It was before the utter insanity of the day had started. My brother is doing well enough. I'm glad he called. I had planned to call him later.

Our every-four-week chiropractic adjustment was today, at 4 PM. I drove from home. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman drove from her Sevier County work location. (Hey, “favorite sister-in-law,” when will you “man up,” to join your sister?) I needed that adjustment today. My “bionics” have been “taking with me.”


On 2/6/2021, before I'd spoken with my lifelong friend, on his birthday, I had managed to lift the little 10 pound weight straight up, with my “bionic” left shoulder – with no adjustment or popping/cracking! I can lift the little weight straight up with my “bionic” shoulder the same as my right shoulder!

Life goes on, such as it is. It's almost supper time. I'll “see” you again!

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