Saturday, February 13, 2021



I see a blank canvas, on this rainy and cloudy Saturday. Let's write!

I Won

On 12/22/2020, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had one of her annual medical appointments. She is fine. Her 12/30/2020 BCBS EOB indicates:

 $627.00 total charges
 $383.65 discounts
 $231.98 BCBS paid
= $11.37 that my wife still owed her medical provider (doctor).

Why couldn't her doctor get by on $231.98 that BCBS paid? Her doctor needed the extra $11.37. On 1/25/2021, the anniversary of Dad's passing, in 2008, my “long-suffering” wife received a bill from her doctor, for $11.37. I had to have some “fun,” to make Dad proud! I think that I saw Dad smile, from his everlasting Home!

On 1/27/2021, I send her medical provider a pithy and professionally written letter, with a $10 bill and a $5 bill enclosed, as payment. (I saved the PDF image that I had taken.) My letter stated that my wife will either receive a check, from her medical provider (doctor), of $3.63, or that I would turn the medical provider's office over to a collection agency. I wrote sarcastically, in humor. I did not expect to see a check.

On 2/9/2021, my wife's medical provider sent her, by postal mail, a check for $3.63! The doctor had to sign the check! It was amazing! I won!

We might deposit that check, into our bank account. If we don't, then her medical provider will have to figure out how to balance the accounting ledger!

Bird Crap

Some weeks ago, a bird or a flock of birds managed to splatter bird crap on a window in the master bedroom (where the master and Mrs. Appalachian Irishman sleep). How did the bird, or birds, dive bomb at a horizontal angle? I suspect that they dive bombed in the air, while flying over, and that the wind, from the southeast, blew their waste into the window.

I didn't take a picture of the splatter. I did find a photograph, below, of what looks like bird splatter on a window.

 “Door sliding door barrier,” on Pikwizard. “Free for personal and commercial use.”

That looks like frost, not bird dive bombing, but that was the best that I could find.

Today, having been tired of looking at the bird manure, I took paper towel and window cleaner in hand! I cleaned off that stuff! It's done! I should not have procrastinated so many weeks. I learned my lesson!


This is a little “life, such as it is” update, from the Appalachian Irishman. The time is 4:12 PM, on Saturday, 2/13/2021. I may write and publish another article today.

Are y'all “livin' la vida Rona” well enough, as we watch the USA transform into the USSA? We are. Remember, these are the “good” days, as the USSA begins. Why is the price of gas going up so fast? (I had to interject a bit of political humor.)

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